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German Film Academy Awards - Lola 2009

German Film Academy Awards - Lola 2009

2009 German Film Academy Award nominations: March 13, 2009

2009 German Film Academy Award winners: Berlin, April 24, 2009

("*" denotes the winner in each category)


Ulrich Tukur in John Rabe
John Rabe, starring Ulrich Tukur.


Best film
The Baader Meinhof Complex, director Uli Edel
Chiko, director Ozgur Yildirim
A Year Ago in Winter, director Caroline Link
Jerichow, director Christian Petzold
* John Rabe, director Florian Gallenberger
Cloud 9, director Andreas Dresen

Silver Lola: A Year Ago in Winter

Bronze Lola: Cloud 9

Best Documentary
Lenin kam nur bis Ludenscheid, director Andre Schafer
* NoBody's Perfect, director Niko von Glasow

Best Children or youth film
Lilly the Witch, director Stefan Ruzowitzky
* Nothing Else Matters, director Julia von Heinz

Best Director
* Andreas Dresen for Cloud 9
Uli Edel for The Baader Meinhof Complex
Florian Gallenberger for John Rabe
Christian Petzold for Jerichow

Best Actress
Anne Maria Muhe for November Child
* Ursula Werner for Cloud 9
Johanna Wokalek for The Baader Meinhof Complex

Best Actor
Josef Bierbichler for A Year Ago in Winter
Denis Moschitto for Chiko
* Ulrich Tukur for John Rabe

Best Supporting actress
Irm Hermann for A Woman in Berlin
Susanne Lothar for Fleisch ist mein Gemuse
* Sophie Rois for The Architect

Best Supporting actor
Steve Buscemi for John Rabe
* Andreas Schmidt for Fleisch ist mein Gemuse
Rudiger Volger for Effi Briest

Best Screenplay
Christian Schwochow, Heide Schwochow for November Child
Johanna Stuttmann for A Hero's Welcome
* Ozgur Yildirim for Chiko

Best Cinematography
* Kolja Brandt for North Face
Jurgen Jurges for John Rabe
Wedigo von Schultzendorff for Lulu & Jimi

Best Editing
Anne Fabini for Berlin Calling
Peter Przygodda, Oli Weiss, Mirko Scheel for Palermo Shooting
Patricia Rommel for A Year Ago in Winter
* Sebastian Thumler for Chiko

Best Score
Element of Crime for Robert Zimmermann is tangled up in love
Annette Focks for Krabat
* Niki Reiser for A Year Ago in Winter

Best Production design
Christian M. Goldbeck for Krabat
* Tu Ju Hua for John Rabe
Udo Kramer for North Face

Best Costume design
Lucie Bates for Effi Briest
* Lisy Christl for John Rabe
Birgit Missal for The Baader Meinhof Complex

Best Sound design
Manfred Banach, Tschangis Chahorkh, Dirk Jacob, Carsten Richter for Krabat
Manfred Banach, Christian Conrad, Martin Steyer for A Woman in Berlin
* Tschangis Chahrokh, Heinz Ebner, Guido Zettier for North Face


German Academy Award (Lola) Site

German Film Academy Site

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4 Comments to German Film Academy Awards - Lola 2009

  1. werner

    John Rabe will win
    I agree wit h you.

  2. Ulriche

    Raber will win.

  3. Reinhardt

    Cloud 9 is my choice.

  4. gruff

    i hope jerichow wins but it has no chance


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