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Oscar 2010: Short Live Action Film Semi-Finalists

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the 10 semi-finalists in the live action short film category of the 2010 Academy Awards. Seventy-one pictures had originally qualified.

The 10 films are listed below in alphabetical order:

The Door by Juanita Wilson

The Door, Juanita Wilson, director, and James Flynn, producer (Octagon Films Ltd.)

The Ground Beneath, Rene Hernandez

The Ground Beneath, Rene Hernandez, director, and Kristina Ceyton, producer (Passion Pictures)

Hotel, Tim Conrad

Hotel, Tim Conrad, director-producer (Oyster Films)

Instead of Abracadabra, Patrik Eklund

Instead of Abracadabra, Patrik Eklund, director, and Mathias Fjellstrom, producer (Direktorn & Fabrikorn)

Kavi, Gregg Helvey

Kavi, Gregg Helvey, director-producer (Gregg Helvey)

Miracle Fish, Luke Doolan

Miracle Fish, Luke Doolan, director, and Drew Bailey, producer (Druid Films)

The New Tenants

The New Tenants, Joachim Back, director, and Tivi Magnusson, producer (Park Pictures)

Kate Mulgrew in The Response, Adam Rodgers

The Response, Adam Rodgers, director, and Sig Libowitz, producer (Look at the Moon Productions)

Short Term 12, Destin Daniel Cretton

Short Term 12, Destin Daniel Cretton, director-producer, and Michelle Steffes, producer (Destin Cretton)

Rupert Evans, Derek Jacobi in Sidney Turtlebaum, Tristram Shapeero

Sidney Turtlebaum, Tristram Shapeero, director, and Daniel Jewel, producer (Third Man Films Limited)

Among the talent featured in those shorts are Vincent D'Onofrio, Kate Mulgrew, Kevin Corrigan, Rupert Evans, and Derek Jacobi.

Themes include: A courtroom drama based upon the actual transcripts of the Guantanamo military tribunals (The Response); a comedy about a 70-something gay con man with the quirky habit of gatecrashing into Shiva houses of mourning (Sidney Turtlebaum); a mystery in which an 8-year-old boy discovers that his wish has come true – everyone in the world has disappeared (Miracle Fish); and a socially conscious drama about an Indian boy who attempts to escape from the brick kiln where he is forced to perform what amounts to slave labor (Kavi).

Next, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch members will select three to five nominees from the 10 titles on the shortlist. Branch screenings will be held in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco in January 2010.

The 2010 Academy Award nominations will be announced on Tuesday, February 2, 2010, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

The 2010 Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 7, 2010, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center. In the US, it'll be televised live by ABC.

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11 Comments to Oscar 2010: Short Live Action Film Semi-Finalists

  1. spinpup

    Congrat's on all the films that made it to the finals. And kudo's to all the short listed finalist's who didn't.
    I am bummed The Response didn't make it, but it's pretty cool how far it went. Considering it's a 'political' hotbed of a story.

  2. Margaret

    Saw The Response and thought it was incredibly powerful and moving; echoes of Kafka's The Trial; very timely. Hope it wins.

  3. Michelle Hutton

    Just found one.

  4. Andre

    You counted nine photos.

    The New Tenants, Joachim Back, director, and Tivi Magnusson, producer (Park Pictures)

    We couldn't find an image for the one above.

  5. m. baker

    Thank you for listing the "10" short films in running for 2010 oscars .... I can count only 9

  6. Michael

    I hope Response wins as well

  7. The only one of these films that I've seen is Kavi. I'm a big fan of it. So much so, in fact, that I recently interviewed the director, Gregg Helvey. His surprisingly down-to-earth views on what he hopes to accomplish with the film were very refreshing. I hope his film wins.

  8. Amanda

    I have only seen Sidney Turtlebaum which I thought it was pretty incredible and a well deserved winner of LA Shortfest. It is about a gay Jewish man in his seventies that gatecrashes funerals (shivas) and pickpockets the mourners. It has a bit of everything, drama, humour, but what I liked most about it was the performance of the lead (Derek Jacobi) who played Sidney who was nothing but senstational! Definatly worth seeing and a big contender I think!

  9. Angie

    I hope Kavi wins!

  10. Spinpup

    Great films. I hope The Response wins.

  11. jane neaves

    that is really great news lets hope that the
    response wins


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