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Robert Pattinson, Colin Firth, Carey Mulligan at BAFTA Ceremony

Robert Pattinson, with lightning speed, said as he took to the podium at the 2010 BAFTA awards ceremony: "Congratulations to Jenny? she's a fantastic make-up artist." The "Jenny" in question is Jenny Shircore, who won a BAFTA for Best Make-Up and Hair for her work on Jean-Marc Vallee's The Young Victoria, in which Emily Blunt plays Queen Victoria. Pattinson then went on to carefully read the teleprompter, before announcing the winner in the best original screenplay category. The winner turned out to be Mark Boal for Kathryn Bigelow's Iraq War drama The Hurt Locker, the evening's top film with six awards.

Best Actress winner Carey Mulligan claimed she didn't expect to be named the winner and as result had not prepared a speech. The Guardian's Xan Brooks wasn't fully convinced: "Mulligan bashfully claims that she didn't think she was going to win, and so has nothing prepared. No speech written or anything. She then proceeds to thank everyone from Nick Hornby (who wrote the script) to her parents to her agents; all in one smooth and easy flow. It leaves me wondering if she might – God forbid – have been fibbing."

Kate Winslet presented the Best Actor BAFTA to Colin Firth for his performance as a grieving gay college professor in Tom Ford's A Single Man. After joking about a fridge guy at his house, Firth said that "an encounter with Tom Ford is to come away feeling resuscitated, a little more worldly, better informed, better groomed, more fragrant, and … more nominated than one has ever been." Throughout Firth's speech, the camera focused on Ford's reactions.

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  1. Crystal

    From all the executive females on the 2nd floor! We love Rob's new Bel Ami hair, but cannot wait to see the tousled locks again. Who am I kidding, they could paint the man blue and parade him around 5th Avenue…we would still think he is the most gorgeous man on the planet!! Only because he is ;) We will always be unconditionally devoted to Rob!!!!!!!

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