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William Wyler/Oscar Actors: Walter Huston, Bette Davis

Walter Huston Ruth Chatterton Dodsworth
Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Dodsworth

William Wyler: Record-Setting Oscar Director for Actors Pt.1

Ah, William Wyler also happens to be the director with the most Academy Award nominations: twelve in all. For the record, those are: Dodsworth, 1936; Wuthering Heights, 1939; The Letter, 1940; The Little Foxes, 1941; Mrs. Miniver, 1942; The Best Years of Our Lives, 1946; The Heiress, 1949; Detective Story, 1951; Roman Holiday, 1953; Friendly Persuasion, 1956; Ben-Hur, 1959; and The Collector, 1965.

He won the Best Director Oscar for three films – none of which is among his best: Mrs. Miniver, The Best Years of Our Lives, and Ben-Hur.

Considering the changes that have taken place in the American film industry following the demise of the studio system, barring a miracle Wyler will remain the Oscars' top director for actors for as long as there are Oscars. (See full list below.)

William Wyler died of a heart attack in July 1981 in Los Angeles.

William Wyler-directed movies: thirty-six acting nominations; fourteen wins.
(s) supporting category. (* ) Academy Award winner

Walter Huston, Dodsworth
* Walter Brennan (s), Come and Get It (Wyler replaced Howard Hawks, who received co-directing credit)
Bonita Granville (s), These Three
Maria Ouspenskaya (s), Dodsworth

Claire Trevor (s), Dead End

* Bette Davis, Jezebel
* Fay Bainter (s), Jezebel

Laurence Olivier, Wuthering Heights
Geraldine Fitzgerald (s), Wuthering Heights

Bette Davis, The Letter
* Walter Brennan (s), The Westerner
James Stephenson (s), The Letter

Bette Davis, The Little Foxes
Patricia Collinge (s), The Little Foxes
Teresa Wright (s), The Little Foxes

Walter Pidgeon, Mrs. Miniver
* Greer Garson, Mrs. Miniver
Henry Travers (s), Mrs. Miniver
* Teresa Wright (s), Mrs. Miniver
Dame May Whitty (s), Mrs. Miniver

* Fredric March, The Best Years of Our Lives
* Harold Russell (s), The Best Years of Our Lives

* Olivia de Havilland, The Heiress
Ralph Richardson (s), The Heiress

Eleanor Parker, Detective Story
Lee Grant (s), Detective Story

* Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday
Eddie Albert (s), Roman Holiday

Anthony Perkins (s), Friendly Persuasion

* Burl Ives (s), The Big Country

* Charlton Heston Ben-Hur
* Hugh Griffith (s), Ben-Hur

Fay Bainter (s), The Children's Hour

Samantha Eggar, The Collector

* Barbra Streisand, Funny Girl (tied with Katharine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter)
Kay Medford (s), Funny Girl

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1 Comment to William Wyler/Oscar Actors: Walter Huston, Bette Davis

  1. Betty

    Very talented director and he was in the right place in the right time to have been selected to direct some of the best films ever.


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