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Bette Davis, Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak, Three on a Match
Bette Davis, Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak, Three on a Match


Another cool Ann Dvorak performance is her drug addict in Mervyn LeRoy's Three on a Match (1932), which features a great cast that includes Warren William, Joan Blondell, and a pre-stardom Bette Davis. Never, ever light three cigarettes using the same match, or you'll end up like Ann Dvorak, delivering a harrowing performance without getting an Academy Award nomination for your efforts. As Three on a Match's young Ann Dvorak, future Oscar nominee Anne Shirley is billed as Dawn O'Day. (And for those who believe that remakes is something new: Three on a Mach was remade a mere six years later as Broadway Musketeers: John Farrow directed; Ann Sheridan, Marie Wilson, and Margaret Lindsay starred.)

I've never watched David Miller's family drama Our Very Own (1950), but its cast is promising: in addition to Dvorak, there's Ann Blyth, Farley Granger, and Jane Wyatt — though Joan Evans was a Samuel Goldwyn discovery that didn't go very far. Anatole Litvak's noirish The Long Night (1947) is another Tuesday option, as it stars Henry Fonda and Barbara Bel Geddes.

Schedule (ET) and synopses from the TCM website:

6:00 AM CROONER (1932) A saxophone player rises to fame as a singing star. Director: Lloyd Bacon. Cast: David Manners, Ann Dvorak, Ken Murray. BW-67 mins.

7:15 AM SWEET MUSIC (1935) A band leader shares a tempestuous romance with his lead singer. Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Rudy Vallee, Ann Dvorak, Ned Sparks. BW-95 mins.

9:00 AM STRANGER IN TOWN (1932) A Supreme Court justice on vacation takes on crooked small-town politicians. Director: Erle C. Kenton. Cast: Charles "Chic" Sale, Ann Dvorak, David Manners. BW-65 mins.

10:15 AM SIDE STREETS (1934) A lady furrier marries a lovesick sailor then has to deal with his checkered past. Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Aline MacMahon, Paul Kelly, Ann Dvorak. BW-64 mins.

11:30 AM GENTLEMEN ARE BORN (1934) Recent college graduates face the realities of the Great Depression. Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Franchot Tone, Jean Muir, Margaret Lindsay. BW-74 mins.

1:00 PM MASSACRE (1934) A college-educated Sioux goes to Washington to fight for his people's rights. Director: Alan Crosland. Cast: Richard Barthelmess, Ann Dvorak, Dudley Digges. BW-70 mins.

2:15 PM FRIENDS OF MR. SWEENEY (1934) A mild-mannered reporter learns to stand up for himself. Director: Edward Ludwig. Cast: Charlie Ruggles, Ann Dvorak, Eugene Pallette. BW-69 mins.

3:30 PM COLLEGE COACH (1933) A timid chemistry major becomes a college football star. Director: William A. Wellman. Cast: Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak, Pat O'Brien. BW-76 mins.

5:00 PM THE CROWD ROARS (1932) A race-car driver tries to keep his brother from following in his footsteps. Director: Howard Hawks. Cast: James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Ann Dvorak. BW-70 mins.

6:30 PM G-MEN (1935) A mob protégé joins the FBI when a friend is gunned down. Director: William Keighley. Cast: James Cagney, Margaret Lindsay, Ann Dvorak. BW-86 mins.

8:00 PM SCARFACE (1932) A murderous thug shoots his way to the top of the mobs while trying to protect his sister from the criminal life. Director: Howard Hawks. Cast: Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, Karen Morley. BW-94 mins.

9:45 PM THREE ON A MATCH (1932) A woman's childhood friends try to rescue her from gangsters. Director: Mervyn LeRoy. Cast: Virginia Davis, Joan Blondell, Dawn O'Day [Anne Shirley]. BW-63 mins.

11:00 PM BLIND ALLEY (1939) When a gangster takes him hostage, a psychiatrist psychoanalyzes the criminal. Director: Charles Vidor. Cast: Chester Morris, Ralph Bellamy, Ann Dvorak. BW-69 mins.

12:15 AM THE LONG NIGHT (1947) A veteran tries to free his former love from a sadistic lover. Director: Anatole Litvak. Cast: Henry Fonda, Barbara Bel Geddes, Vincent Price. BW-97 mins.

2:00 AM I WAS AN AMERICAN SPY (1951) A war widow spies for the U.S. in Japanese-occupied Manila. Director: Lesley Selander. Cast: Ann Dvorak, Gene Evans, Douglas Kennedy. BW-85 mins.

3:45 AM OUR VERY OWN (1950) The discovery that she's adopted shakes a young girl's sense of security. Director: Dave Miller. Cast: Farley Granger, Joan Evans, Ann Blyth. BW-93 mins.

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