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ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 2 Reaches $3m, DVD Prospects Dim

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 DVD Samantha MathisAtlas Shrugged Part 2 box office: $3 million mark finally reached, but DVD prospects look Dim

The second installment in a planned movie trilogy based on Ayn Rand's anti-altruism, anti-government epic Atlas Shrugged, the John Putch-directed Atlas Shrugged: Part II had one of the worst domestic openings ever for a movie in wide release (600-2,000 site). Things got so bad, that the following weekend weak-at-the-knees Atlas collapsed, suffering the steepest box office drop among the top 15 movies on Box Office Mojo's domestic weekend chart – a whopping 65 percent. (Image: Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Samantha Mathis as Dagny Taggart.)

The critically lambasted sequel to 2011's box-office bomb Atlas Shrugged: Part I, Atlas Shrugged Part 2 stars Samantha Mathis as the enterprising Dagny Taggart (played by The Lucky One's Taylor Schilling in Part I). Although Ayn Rand's novel is a sort of bible for American Libertarians and the American far right (who choose to focus on the topic of government-imposed taxes while ignoring Rand's derision of religion and blind faith), the film has found little favor in the United States. (Atlas Shrugged Part 2 has no international audience; with luck, the film will end up as a DVD curio outside of the U.S.)

Anyhow, here's some (sort of) good news: after 13 days out, Atlas Shrugged Part 2 has finally surpassed the $3 million mark at the North American box office. After adding $62,306 on Wednesday, Part 2's cume reached $3,042,201. Now, another bit of bad news: Atlas Shrugged Part 2 had the lowest per-theater average on the top 15 box office chart: $66. That means fewer theaters this coming weekend, and a quick-as-lightning disappearance from theaters.

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 to have better luck on DVD?

Some have raised the possibility that Atlas Shrugged Part 2 will do better on DVD. Though not impossible, that doesn't seem all that likely if the performance of its predecessor is any indication. Atlas Shrugged Part 1 grossed $4.62 million at the box office (five weekends), but according to The Numbers the film earned only $2.97 million on DVD sales in its first two weeks out, plummeting 67 percent on week no. 2.

Atlas Shrugged Part 2's production budget was a reported $20 million. The film currently has a 0 percent approval rating and 2.2/10 average among Rotten Tomatoes' top critics.

Samantha Mathis as Dagny Taggart Atlas Shrugged Part 2 photo: Atlas Distribution.

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