BREAKING DAWN: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Bill Condon Down Paraty Way?

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Eclipse
Paraty Island, Isle Esme?
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (top); island off of Paraty (bottom, — does one of those islets look like Isle Esme to you?

In-between pro-Workers Party political chat on Twitter — general elections were held in Brazil on Sunday — RioFilme’s president Sérgio Sá Leitão tweeted that there’s "no news regarding Breaking Dawn," which still may or may not be partly filmed in the city of Rio de Janeiro and/or surrounding areas.

To be directed by Bill Condon, who showed up at the Rio Film Festival last week, and starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, the suspense about filming (or not) Edward and Bella’s honeymoon in Brazil has been going on for a number of weeks.

According to Leitão, Condon is "eager to film here." But ultimately, of course, it’s all up to the powers-that-be at Summit Entertainment.

The latest location mentioned as a possibility for Isle Esme — where Bella discovers she’s pregnant and a spooked-out half-Indian Amazonian comes up with tales of death and libishomem — is the small colonial town of Paraty [pronounced Pah-rah-CHEE], located 240 kilometers from Rio, along what some refer to as the Brazilian Riviera.

How exactly Paraty would fit with Stephenie Meyer’s story is unclear, as Island Esme is supposed to be just that: a tiny tropical islet on which was built a good-sized home. But then again, there are tropical islets all over the Rio State coast, so that may be what’s being discussed here.

As quoted on, Leitão affirmed that "first of all, we need to know how much the production will spend in the city of Rio de Janeiro because then I’ll know how much I’d bring to the city for each real [that’s the Brazilian currency] we invest on the film. The ratio must be worthwhile. Second, I figure out how many jobs will be created. And third, we have to take a look at a draft of the screenplay, for we’re not going to invest, for instance, on a movie such as Tourists (a 2006 production that showed Brazilians as cruel murderers of innocent Americans)."

Leitão added that "we need not only financial returns, but also promotional returns for the city," going on to explain that Rio would be like a product to be sold, as movies shot there would offer "product placements" of the city by way of "postcards shots."

Once again, how that would fit with Meyer’s Breaking Dawn is unclear, unless screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg expands Edward and Bella’s passage through Rio on their way to Isle Esme, which lasts all of a paragraph or two in the book.

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  1. KStewNation

    Summit has made around $2 billion off of movie and DVD sales alone. The cable deal with Showtime and merchandising were also said to be big. It’s over time that they put some effort and money into these things. Hiring a good team of specialists is the way to go. K-Stew’s wedding dress and vampire look are my biggest worries. Also want her in a bikini in Brazil.

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