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Carl Franklin/CITY OF NIGHT: LAPD Corruption

Carl FranklinCarl Franklin to direct City of Night, which is not a movie version of John Rechy's novel about a gay sex worker. Instead, this City of Night, from a screenplay by David Chisholm, is set inside the Los Angeles Police Department.

The following synopsis comes courtesy of TheWrap: "Emmett Conlin [is] a rookie cop who joins the Los Angeles Police Department's toughest crime unit. Conlin is drawn into a web of deceit and corruption that threatens his job and his life."

Does this sound like a Training Day remake? That cop flick about the putrid underbelly of the LAPD (and of Los Angeles as city) was directed by Antoine Fuqua, and starred eventual Oscar winner Denzel Washington as the scuzzy cop and Ethan Hawke as the babe-in-the-woods rookie. Considering that Hawke somehow managed to make his absurd character believable, he fully deserved his Oscar nomination (though in the wrong category, as Hawke is Training Day's de facto lead).

Carl Franklin, 63, has directed a handful features, among those Devil in a Blue Dress (1995), with Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle; the cancer drama One True Thing (1998), which earned Meryl Streep a Best Actress Oscar nomination; and Out of Time (2003), with Washington and Eva Mendes. Following a nine-year hiatus mostly spent directing for television, Franklin returned with the feature Bless Me, Ultima, based on Rodolfo Anaya's (excellent) novel. Luke Ganalon and Miriam Colon star.

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