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Alla Nazimova, Stronger Than DeathClaudette Colbert, Alla Nazimova, Marion Davies, Charles Boyer: Cinecon 2011

Thursday September 1 (image: Alla Nazimova)
7:10 Welcoming Remarks
7:15 HOLLYWOOD STORY (1951) 77 min. Richard Conte, Julie Adams, Richard Egan. Director: William Castle.
8:35 Q & A with Julie Adams
9:10 BLAZING DAYS (1927) 60 min. Fred Humes. Director: William Wyler.
10:20 In The Sweet Pie And Pie (1941) 18 min
10:40 SHE HAD TO EAT (1937) 75 min. Jack Haley, Rochelle Hudson, Eugene Pallette.

Friday September 2
9:00 SIGNING OFF (1936)
9:20 MOON OVER HER SHOULDER (1941) 68 min. Dan Dailey, Lynn Bari, John Sutton, Alan Mowbray.
10:40 THE ACTIVE LIFE OF DOLLY OF THE DAILIES (1914) 15 min. Mary Fuller.
10:55 STRONGER THAN DEATH (1920) 80 min. Alla Nazimova, Charles Bryant. Director: Herbert Blaché, Charles Bryant, Robert Z. Leonard.
12:15 Lunch Break
1:45 OPEN TRACK (1916)
2:00 ON THE NIGHT STAGE (1915) 60 min. William S. Hart, Rhea Mitchell. Director: Reginald Barker.
3:15 50 Miles From Broadway (1929) 23 min
3:45 CINERAMA ADVENTURE (2002). Director: David Strohmaier.
5:18 Discussion and surprises
6:00 Dinner Break
7:30 Gus Van's Musical Shoppe (1935) 20 min
7:55 COLLEGE RHYTHM (1934) 75 min. Joe Penner, Ned Sparks, Lynn Overman, Jack Oakie, Lyda Roberti, Mary Brian, Franklin Pangborn, Lanny Ross, Helen Mack, Goo-Goo the duck.
9:30 HANDS UP! (1926) 70 min. Raymond Griffith, Marian Nixon, Virginia Lee Corbin.
10:55 THE NIGHT MAYOR (1932) 68 min. Lee Tracy, Evelyn Knapp, Eugene Pallette. Director: Benjamin Stoloff.

Saturday September 3
9:00 Many Sappy Returns (1938) 20 min
9:20 AN ARABIAN KNIGHT (1920) 60 min. Sessue Hayakawa, Lillian Hall, Jean Acker. Director: Charles Swickard.
11:20 ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID (1943) 62 min
12:20 Lunch Break
1:30 They All Fall (1925) 20 min. Bobby Ray, Oliver Hardy.
1:50 EAST SIDE, WEST SIDE (1927) 90 min. George O'Brien, Virginia Valli. Director: Allan Dwan.
3:40 HENRY ALDRICH, EDITOR (1942) 73 min. Jimmy Lydon.
4:53 Q & A with Jimmy Lydon
5:20 Dinner Break
6:50 Sunday (1961) 20 min
7:15 PRACTICALLY YOURS (1944) 88 min. Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray. Director: Mitchell Leisen.
9:00 FINDERS KEEPERS (1928) 70 min. Laura La Plante, John Harron, Jack Oakie.
10:20 Harry Langdon Home Movies
10:20 LET'S FALL IN LOVE (1933) 73 min. Ann Sothern, Edmund Lowe.

Sunday September 4
9:00 Little Billy's Triumph (1914)
9:15 THE HOPE (1920) 75 min. Jack Mulhall, Marguerite De La Motte, Ruth Stonehouse, Lillian Langdon. Director: Herbert Blaché.
10:45 DOWN MEXICO WAY (1941) 72 min. Gene Autry, Smiley Brunette, Fay McKenzie, Sidney Blackmer.
11:57 Q & A with Fay McKenzie
12:20 Lunch Break
1:30 Song Of Victory (1942)
1:40 ONE WILD NIGHT (1938) 71 min. Dick Baldwin, June Lang.
3:00 The Hobble Skirt (1910) 7 min
3:10 BEAUTY'S WORTH (1922) 80 min. Marion Davies, Forrest Stanley. Director: Robert G. Vignola.
4:40 THE BRASHER DOUBLOON (1947) 73 min. George Montgomery, Nancy Guild, Conrad Janis. Director: John Brahm.
5:53 Q & A with Conrad Janis (ends about 6:15)

Monday September 5
9:00 The Sergeant (1910)
9:10 DIPLOMACY (1926) 80 min. Blanche Sweet, Neil Hamilton, Arlette Marchal, Matt Moore. Director: Marshall Neilan.
10:40 THE MAD MARTINDALES (1942) 65 min. Jane Withers, Marjorie Weaver, Jimmy Lydon, Alan Mowbray, Gig Young.
11:45 Q & A with Jimmy Lydon and Jane Withers
12:00 Lunch Break
1:00 At All Costs (1916)
1:15 THE COWARD (1915) 60 min. Charles Ray, Frank Keenan, Gertrude Clair. Director: Reginald Barker, Thomas H. Ince.
2:25 GLAMOUR BOY (1941) 81 min. Jackie Cooper, Susanna Foster, Walter Abel, Darryl Hickman.
4:00 LE BONHEUR (1934) 98 min. Charles Boyer, Gaby Morlay, Michel Simon, Paulette Dubost, Jaque Catelain. Director: Marcel L'Herbier.
5:45 STORMY WEATHER (1943) 78 min. Lena Horne, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Cab Calloway, the Nicholas Brothers, Fats Waller.

Photo: Cinecon

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    This is awesome! I was looking for ONE source of information about this event and VOILA! I found you. GREAT site by the way.

  2. ernd

    Talk about slashing the cake...


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