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Colin Firth Rejects THE KING'S SPEECH Edited PG-13 Version

Colin Firth, King George VI, The King's Speech
Colin Firth as King George VI in Tom Hooper's The King's Speech

Colin Firth, last night's Best Actor Oscar winner for The King's Speech, has voiced his opposition to the potential release of an edited version of his film.

"I don't take this stuff [coarse language] lightly," Firth said backstage at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, "but in the context of this film, it could not be more edifying, more appropriate. It's not vicious, it's not an insult and it's not in any of the contexts which might offend people."

The King's Speech was slapped with an R-rating in the United States because of repeated use of the word "fuck" at a couple of crucial moments in the story, about Britain's King George VI's attempts to rid himself of his chronic stutter.

A PG-13-rated version of The King's Speech, which goes silent when the King's "fucks" are voiced, has been recently approved by the guardians of morality at the Motion Picture Association of America. In other words, in the family friendly version of The King's Speech you won't be able to hear Firth/George VI say the word "fuck," but you'll be able to see that he's mouthing the word "fuck." There must some kind of logic to that, however twisted.

Source: The Independent.

Photo: The Weinstein Co.

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1 Comment to Colin Firth Rejects THE KING'S SPEECH Edited PG-13 Version

  1. Smith

    I applaud the MPAA for editing the film. The truth is that I don't enjoy the foul language and other indecencies that qualify a film for an R rating. I will not (and millions of family oriented movie goers like me) will not attend an R rated movie. According to your logic every pre-1960 movie is not true art. C'mon, please…it is possible to make a beautiful, artistic film, given that the film portrays a positive message. That's where i will spend my hard earned money for entertainment. BRAVO MPAA!

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