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INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS Trailer: Folk Music and Double Condoms

Inside Llewyn Davis trailer Oscar IsaacInside Llewyn Davis trailer: The Coen Brothers and Oscar Isaac in 1960s Greenwich Village

The Inside Llewyn Davis trailer is out. Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen's first directorial effort since the Oscar-nominated True Grit more than two years ago, Inside Llewyn Davis stars Oscar Isaac in the (mostly) title role of a struggling folk musician with woman trouble (in the person of Carey Mulligan) and, much like Art Carney in Harry and Tonto, with a cute orange (beige?) cat as his pal. (Please scroll down to check out the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer.) [Photo: Oscar Isaac in the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer.]

In other words, Inside Llewyn Davis has absolutely nothing to do with either Peter Pan or J.M. Barrie. For the record, the family that inspired Barrie – and that was portrayed (in outrageously fictional form) in Marc Forster's Finding Neverland – was called Llewelyn Davies.

Inside Llewyn Davis trailer: Coen brothers' trademarks

There isn't much to be said about the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer, except that fans of Joel and Ethan Coen's work will be excited, while non-fans will likely take a wait-and-see attitude. (If they bother to check it out at all.) In fact, several of the Coen brothers' trademarks are to be found in the trailer. Examples range from the presence of John Goodman (featured in Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?) to the unnatural-sounding dialogue, from Bruno Delbonnel's low-key but striking cinematography to the awkward, deadpan humor. (The Carey Mulligan dialogue bit about the safety of double condoms is both unnatural-sounding and deadpan; it's also very funny.)

Inside Llewyn Davis cast

Loosely based on Dave Van Ronk's posthumously published book of memoirs, The Mayor of MacDougal Street, Inside Llewyn Davis was adapted by the Coens themselves. Besides John Goodman and Drive players Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan, the Inside Llewyn Davis cast includes The Social Network's Justin Timberlake; Garrett Hedlund, who did some folk singing in Country Strong and who was recently seen opposite Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart in Walter Salles' On the Road; and Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham, who made life hell for Tom Hulce in Milos Forman's Amadeus. Also in the Inside Llewyn Davis cast: Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky, Max Casella, Ethan Phillips, Stark Sands, and Jake Ryan.

Curiously, Inside Llewyn Davis lacks a U.S. distributor. The film will have a special screening hosted by Nonesuch Records and T-Bone Burnett at Sony Pictures (the old MGM lot in Culver City) on February 9. See the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer below. Of course, you never get to hear Llewyn Davis playing anything in the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer; the music we hear throughout is Bob Dylan's – and then the trailer comes to an abrupt halt. Perhaps the trailer should be called a teaser instead.

Oscar Isaac in the Inside Llewyn Davis trailer image: Scott Rudin Productions / Mike Zoss Productions / StudioCanal.

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