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New Dracula Movie: Hammer Films

Christopher Lee Dracula Caroline MunroDracula Resurrected. That would be a good title (methinks) for a new Hammer Films release starring Jean Dujardin as Count Dracula. What? Hammer and Dracula together again? Well, read on...

Thanks to the success of the Daniel Radcliffe vehicle The Woman in Black, the recently resurrected Hammer Films may try its hand at another Dracula movie, says Jonathan James in The Daily Dead. During a recent interview with Hammer historian Marcus Hearn, The Daily Dead learned that Hammer is planning a Dracula movie set in the 21st century. Said Hearn:

“The company's chairman, Simon Oakes, is talking about making a new Dracula, and setting it in present-day London. It's fun to speculate who could step into Christopher Lee's shoes. Just last year I would probably have dismissed the idea of another Hammer Dracula as quite far-fetched, but I think the success of The Woman in Black has opened up all sorts of possibilities.”

In addition to Christopher Lee (who was not that long ago busy as Saruman in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy), previous incarnations of Dracula (under various guises and aliases) include Max Schreck (in F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu), Bela Lugosi, Klaus Kinski, and Frank Langella. Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen doesn't count, as despite what Uma Thurman said, The Twilight Saga couldn't be considered one of those "Dracula movies."

Personally, I believe a French-sounding dracula would work as well as an English-sounding or a Hungarian-sounding one. As a plus, Jean Dujardin has a couple of very prominent canine teeth.

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