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Paulette Goddard Movie Schedule: AN IDEAL HUSBAND, THE WOMEN

Paulette Goddard, Modern Times
Paulette Goddard, Modern Times


I've never watched Alexander Korda's British-made An Ideal Husband, a 1948 adaptation (by Lajos Biro) of Oscar Wilde's play, but it should be at least worth a look. The respectable cast includes Michael Wilding, Diana Wynyard, C. Aubrey Smith, Hugh Williams, Constance Collier, and Glynis Johns.

George Cukor's film version of Clare Boothe Luce's hilarious The Women ("officially" adapted by Anita Loos and Jane Murfin) is definitely worth numerous looks; once or twice or even three times isn't/aren't enough to catch the machine-gun dialogue spewed forth by the likes of Goddard, Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, Mary Boland, Phyllis Povah, Lucile Watson, et al. A big hit at the time, The Women actually ended up in the red because of its high cost. Norma Shearer, aka The Widow Thalberg, was the nominal star; curiously, the by then veteran Shearer did infinitely better work elsewhere.

According to reports at the time of her death, Paulette Goddard was born in 1905 — not 1911, her usual date of birth. If true, that means she was around 20 when she became a Ziegfeld girl, and in her late 20s when she played the role of a teenager in Modern Times.

Schedule (ET) and synopses from the TCM website:

6:00 AM VICE SQUAD (1953) The head of an escort ring joins forces with a vice cop to solve a murder. Director: Arnold Laven. Cast: Edward G. Robinson, Paulette Goddard, K. T. Stevens. BW-88 mins.

7:30 AM DRAMATIC SCHOOL (1938) A young actress struggles to make a hit on stage and in married life. Director: Robert B. Sinclair. Cast: Luise Rainer, Paulette Goddard, Alan Marshall. BW-80 mins.

9:00 AM PARIS MODEL (1953) A dress plays a key role in the lives of each of the women who wear it. Director: Alfred E. Green. Cast: Marilyn Maxwell, Paulette Goddard, Eva Gabor. BW-80 mins.

10:30 AM NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH (1941) A businessman bets he can tell the truth for 24 hours. Director: Elliott Nugent. Cast: Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Edward Arnold. BW-90 mins.

12:05 PM ON THE ROAD TO MONTERREY (1943) C-9 mins.

12:15 PM THE CRYSTAL BALL (1943) A female fortuneteller uses her "powers" to land a man. Director: Elliott Nugent. Cast: Ray Milland, Paulette Goddard, Gladys George. BW-81 mins.

1:45 PM ON OUR MERRY WAY (1948) An aspiring reporter interviews people about the child that changed their lives. Director: King Vidor. Cast: Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, James Stewart. BW-98 mins.

3:30 PM CHARGE OF THE LANCERS (1953) A soldier masquerades as a gypsy to rescue his best friend from the enemy. Director: William Castle. Cast: Paulette Goddard, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Richard Stapley. C-74 mins.

4:45 PM SECOND CHORUS (1940) Two composers vie for their lady manager's heart as they head for Broadway. Director: H. C. Potter. Cast: Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard, Artie Shaw. BW-84 mins.

6:19 PM DAY OF REST (1939) BW-9 mins.

6:30 PM MODERN TIMES (1936) The Little Tramp tries to build a home with a young slum girl. Director: Charlie Chaplin. Cast: Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Henry Bergman. BW-87 mins.

8:00 PM THE GREAT DICTATOR (1940) A Jewish barber takes the place of a war-hungry dictator. Director: Charles Chaplin. Cast: Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie. BW-125 mins.

10:15 PM REAP THE WILD WIND (1942) Two sailors vie for the affections of a southern temptress while fighting off pirates. Director: Cecil B. DeMille. Cast: Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard. BW-124 mins.

12:30 AM AN IDEAL HUSBAND (1947) An upstanding politician is haunted by his past when a blackmailer threatens to reveal a youthful indiscretion. Director: Alexander Korda. Cast: Paulette Goddard, Hugh Williams, Michael Wilding. C-93 mins.

2:15 AM THE WOMEN (1939) A happily married woman lets her catty friends talk her into divorce when her husband strays. Director: George Cukor. Cast: Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell. BW-133 mins.

4:30 AM POT O'GOLD (1941) A young man is caught between his music-hating uncle and a pretty girl from a family of musicians. Director: George Marshall. Cast: James Stewart, Paulette Goddard, Horace Heidt. BW-86 mins.

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