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Robert Pattinson, Clint Eastwood: Best Actor Oscar 2013 Chances

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis Oscar 2013Robert Pattinson and Clint Eastwood 2013 Best Actor Oscar chances are slim

We're frequently asked: "Does Robert Pattinson have a shot at a Best Actor Oscar nomination?" Well, Pattinson for Cosmopolis – and Clint Eastwood for Trouble with the Curve – were two early Oscar 2013 possibilities that have since lost favor. At this stage, Oscar chances for either actor are just about nil. (Image: Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis.) [See also: "Oscar 2013 Best Actor Predictions."]

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson earned his best reviews to date for his performance as an egocentric Manhattan billionaire in David Cronenberg's bizarre comedy-drama. However, Cosmopolis itself received mixed reviews in North America, and bombed at the box office: the $20m production has earned only $763,556 (plus an estimated $5.3 million overseas).

Pattinson's Oscar chances could be resurrected only – and that seems unlikely at this stage – some influential critics' group singles him out during awards season. Golden Globe chances are also iffy; but having said that, if Cosmopolis is considered a "comedy" then Pattinson's chances increase dramatically (bad pun intended). Also worth noting is that Pattinson is a star and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves movie stars.

Robert Pattinson: Best Actor Genie Award nomination?

Now, although Robert Pattinson's awards-season chances aren't the greatest in the U.S., bear in mind that Pattinson has a good chance of being shortlisted for Canada's Genie Awards. Oftentimes, non-Canadian performers have been nominated for their work in Canadian productions or co-productions, e.g., Annette Bening for Being Julia, Ian McKellen for Émile, and, in David Cronenberg movies, Jeremy Irons for Dead Ringer, Michael Fassbender for A Dangerous Method, and Viggo Mortensen for both A Dangerous Method and Eastern Promises.

Boosting Robert Pattinson's Genie Award chances is the fact that, unlike Hollywood's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television loves David Cronenberg. The Cosmopolis filmmaker has been nominated for eight Best Director Genies, winning five times (including one tie), in addition to five nominations in the screenplay categories, winning three times.

Clint Eastwood: Trouble with the chair

Now, Clint Eastwood, at one point a "likely" Oscar candidate is now about as "likely" as Adam Sandler for That's My Boy. True, Eastwood may be a Hollywood icon and all, but his embarrassing performance at the Republican National Convention – talking to an empty chair – created much more interest (granted, for all the wrong reasons) than his work in the baseball family flick Trouble with the Curve.

Though not a no-holds-barred box office disaster, Trouble with the Curve is an undeniable box-office flop: budgeted at a rumored $60m, the comedy-drama has taken in an estimated $32.74 million to date in North America. Worse yet, critics were unimpressed – Trouble with the Curve turned out to be nothing like last year's Moneyball. And Oscar 2013 competition in the Best Actor category is stiff.

Only a miracle could bring Clint Eastwood his third Best Actor Oscar nomination. But the empty chair didn't talk back, so I don't believe Eastwood can actually work miracles. And in case you're wondering, his previous Best Actor nods were for Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004), both of which went on to win their respective year's Best Picture Academy Awards.

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis picture: Alfama Films.

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