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Robert Pattinson/David Cronenberg MAPS TO THE STARS?

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis David Cronenberg Paul Giamatti
Maps to the Stars for Robert Pattinson / David Cronenberg? Above, Pattinson in Cronenberg's Cosmopolis (Paul Giamatti in background)

Robert Pattinson hates Twilight, according to those who have taken seriously his (jokingly) dismissive take on the movie series that has made him world famous. Anyhow, whatever his feelings in regard to The Twilight Saga, Pattinson surely doesn't hate David Cronenberg. Hence, the Cosmopolis star and director are to work together on another movie project. That appears to be Maps to the Stars.

During an interview for Metro, Robert Pattinson said that last week his agent asked if he'd like to appear in Cronenberg's next film project. "I said yes without thinking!" Pattinson laughingly remarked.

Later on, Pattinson explained that he doesn't know "when exactly we're going to shoot. But it'll be David's first movie shot on American soil. In Los Angeles, to be exact. It will be about the film industry and I promise it's going to be really weird."

Once again, this may be Maps to the Stars, which the online publication The Tracking Board (without citing any sources) had announced a month ago – even before Pattinson's agent contacted him (!!) – as a Robert Pattinson / David Cronenberg movie project. The story was described as revolving around a couple of child actors whose lives are destroyed by Hollywood stardom.

As per Total Film, back in 2006 when Maps to the Stars was first announced as a Cronenberg project, the filmmaker described it as "a Hollywood film because the characters are agents, actors and managers, but it is not a satire like The Player."

Viggo Mortensen has also been mentioned in connection with the project. As per The Tracking Board, Mortensen would play the lead character; Pattinson would have a supporting role as a chauffeur by day, struggling actor by night.

Maps to the Stars: 'Dark Hollywood thriller'

Also back in 2006, Time Out described the Bruce Wagner-written Maps to the Stars screenplay as a "dark Hollywood thriller." Cronenberg was quoted as saying that "Hollywood is a world that is seductive and repellent at the same time, and it is the combination of the two that makes it so potent. I won't fall back on some clichés or simplistic sloganeering, because the culture and what it reveals about Western culture and the rest of the world is very complex."

Curiously, Maps to the Stars isn't listed on the IMDb among David Cronenberg's movie projects. Those include the satirical sci-fier As She Climbed Across the Table, the Robert Ludlum Cold War thriller The Matarese Circle, a remake of Cronenberg's own The Fly, and a sequel to Eastern Promises.

As for Robert Pattinson, besides Cosmopolis, to be screened at Cannes on Friday, he has two movies coming out in 2012:

Supporting Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis are Sarah Gadon, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Mathieu Amalric, Jay Baruchel, and Paul Giamatti. Additionally, Pattinson has had his name attached to two projects: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire's Mission: Blacklist and David Michôd's The Rover.

Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer / Paul Giamatti / David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis photo: Alfama Films / eOne.

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