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Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME Crosses $50 Million Mark Worldwide

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me

Robert Pattinson's Remember Me, the $16 million production referred to by some (those who have trouble with the Pattinson/Twilight phenomenon) as a "box office flop," has grossed about $50 million worldwide.

According to figures provided by Box Office Mojo, Remember Me has taken in $18.852 million (as of Apr. 22) in the United States/Canada and more than $30.09 million overseas.

I say "more than" because Box Office Mojo's chart for Remember Me hasn't been updated for several markets, including key ones such as Australia (Mar. 28), Italy (Apr 4), The Netherlands (Apr 11), and Russia (Apr 4). Also, the most recent data available overall is from April 18, or a week ago. (Box Office Mojo hasn't updated their international total – shown on top – for the movie since April 11.)

By now, Pattinson's Remember Me has undoubtedly already crossed the $50 million mark worldwide. And it still hasn't opened in foreign territories such as Japan, China, and South Korea.

Outside the U.S. and Canada, Remember Me's top markets are: the UK ($5.168 million), Russia/CSI ($3.396 million), Germany ($3.019 million), France ($2.848 million), Italy ($2.358 million), Spain ($2.319 million), Brazil ($1.893 million), and Australia ($1.216m).

By now, Pattinson's first tryout as an "actor-executive producer" has probably crossed the $1 million mark in Belgium/Luxemburg ($988K, Apr 18), and perhaps in Mexico ($916K, Apr. 18) as well.

Directed by Allen Coulter, Remember Me stars Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins, a rebellious young man at odds with his wealthy father (Pierce Brosnan). Also in the cast: Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Ruby Jerins. Will Fetters wrote the screenplay.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

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23 Comments to Robert Pattinson's REMEMBER ME Crosses $50 Million Mark Worldwide

  1. Becca

    Nothing much to add....ya'll said everything that needed to be said. I just wanted to say that I love this film. I never could get my husband to the theatre to see it with me. Can't wait for my DVD. I really think that my husband is going to like it. It is a well-made movie, with good, solid performances by all involved. (Also, the RM score, by Marcello Zarvos, deserves an Oscar!)

  2. jen

    Iam so glad to see all the raves about Remember Me. To see such a fabulous movie bashed by critics is so WRONG!!It was only shown in my area two weeks. People were raving about how good it was. I so agree with pc and mh. So nice to know that other people see though the reasons for this movie not being presented in the reviews like it deserved. TOP TEN MOVIE!!!

  3. nikki

    @mh (Alt Film Guide), I really appreciate your honest reply and I totally agree with you. I just can't stand the rude and offensive language many reviewers (who, I assume, are 'intelligent, intellectual' people)have used while bashing Remember me. They exploited their power to manipulate their followers and so gave them 'carte blanche' to use the same language in their comments everywhere on the net. And I mention here deliberately the words 'exploit' and 'manipulate', used by these critics to describe the ending of the film. My daughter and I became fans of Rob, not in the first place because of his good looks, but because of his politeness, his self- deprecating and his respectful attitude. He doesn't deserve 'a lesson in modesty', he's more modest than those reviewers with their big ego's.
    You're also so right concerning critics drooling over actors who doesn't do a good job. When you want to, you always find shortcomings in acting: every human being is limited in his facial expressions and body language, also the 'big stars'. But some actors obviously are getting more credits then others.
    Getting of my soapbox now (me who never was a fan of whoever and never commented before). Sorry for the English mistakes.

  4. just me

    mh, couldn't say it better. and not, you're not the only one, we all KNOW it for sure. they keep targeting him because he threatens some all-mighty divas that live in their personal bubble created by the industry. if i were that diva would i tolerate anyone who beloved by millions? would i forgive him such unexpected success? the answer is obvious.

  5. pc

    "Personally, I believe that “Remember Me” got a bad rap in large part because Robert Pattinson was the film's star AND its executive producer. Some reviewers seemed to be targeting him personally. “That guy from “Twilight”???? I'm not going to take HIM seriously.”

    "I find that unfair and dishonest, just like I find it unfair and dishonest when critics drool over someone who doesn't do a good job, but who happens to be a “figure of respect” within the movie industry."

    OMG! my sister said the exact same thing last night. We were even naming names of actors/actresses (which I won't do here)we didn't think were especially great all the times, but critics are always drooling all over them no matter what they do. Critics will tell you those actors are great even if they were reading the phone book.

    As I've said in previous posts they have zero credibility in my eyes.

  6. just me

    what's not to love in this movie? don't even mention Robert's brilliant acting... now i am just looking forward for getting the DVD.

  7. mh

    >>>>>>>>>>> thanks for keeping us updated of the BO numbers of Remember me.

    Thanks for writing, Nikki.

    Personally, I believe that "Remember Me" got a bad rap in large part because Robert Pattinson was the film's star AND its executive producer. Some reviewers seemed to be targeting him personally. "That guy from "Twilight"???? I'm not going to take HIM seriously."

    I find that unfair and dishonest, just like I find it unfair and dishonest when critics drool over someone who doesn't do a good job, but who happens to be a "figure of respect" within the movie industry.

    I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  8. nikki

    @alt film guide: thanks for keeping us updated of the BO numbers of Remember me. Robert Pattinson has a big solid fan base who is really concerned about him and his work. When he or his work is judged in an unfair way his fans will defend him like a lioness defends her cubs (lol). So knowing that Remember me is doing quite well, gives a good feeling.

  9. nikki

    In Belgium/Luxemburg, with only 10-11 million residents, Remember me has grossed almost 1 million. That's really great but here the reviews were mild and the most reputable newspaper criticized the negative reactions of the American reviewers. I suppose we have a more open mind for little films who are different from the usual ones. It was defenitely Robert Pattinson who caused the appeal of the movie but after viewing many promoted the film to others not only because of Rob's brilliant performance but also because of the beautiful story and the great cast.

  10. renate

    I saw RM about 6 weeks ago and I still remember it like yesterday. It doesn't play here anymore so I have to wait for the DVD. EXCELLENT Acting from Rob and Pierre also Caroline and Chris....

  11. Zuko

    Wow i'm soo glad the movie is doing well, who would've thought that the movie would even reach $40mil, its just go to prove that the critics are not always right.
    Good work Will, Allen and Rob!!!

  12. McMilliss

    Excellent news! I absolutely loved the film and I can't for the life of me understand what those critics saw (or didn't see) that was so bad. I can't wait to see Rob in his coming (non-Twi) movies, Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

  13. Becca

    Loved this movie,and can't wait for the DVD. Over 50 million for the little movie with the 16 million dollar budget. Beautiful, bittersweet film! All the cast did such a great job! Hope it gets more recognition in time.

  14. solas

    I am so pleased to see it is doing well, the little movie that could.
    I thought it was brilliantly acted and an excellent story, one of the best movies in ages, and have pre-ordered the DVD.

  15. Lisa

    Glad to hear this movie has legs. I loved this movie and will be buying the dvd. The cast was great. Really enjoyed Rob, Pierce and the little girl. Yes, the critics are out of touch. They shouldn't be in such a business if they can't be objective. They were like a bunch of pre-schoolers who hated on Rob b/c of TW. Really a pathetic lot if you ask me.

  16. pc

    Yay and all those critics can suck on it. Every blogs and movie site I've seen the Viewers give the film A or A-. While the critics gave it C or D. If you ask me when you are that out of touch with the PAYING MOVIE GOING PUBLIC, YOU ARE USELESS. Bunch of self-important parasites.

  17. Mercy

    I'm so very happy for the news about the movie "Remember Me." The movie was really excellent. Robert Pattinson did a brilliant acting in the movie. He proves that he can come out in twilight. I don't believe to the critics nonetheless i saw the film. The critics are very wrong with their reviews about he movie. Film critics of this movie should switch to another career. I think they have problem with their eyesight

  18. anonymous

    Thank you for an updates on Remember Me BO.
    It's doing great considering the subject of the movie and unfavorable reviews from critics who missed to grasp main idea of the movie.
    I saw the movie twice with different groups of friends and we all loved it. I am waiting for DVD release to add it to my collection.

  19. Kim

    Yay, go Remember Me! I'm so happy for it. It's definitely got a good word of mouth/buzz here over in France. It was bashed by the critics - but the viewers love it and recommend it on all the blogs and threadq and it's done rather well at the BO for a film in its category (about $2,800,000 in 2 weeks so far). It also attracts a larger male audience than I would have thought.

  20. jan

    Loved the film. Watched it thrice and enjoyed each time more than the last.Robert and the excellent cast did VERY well and the early 'bad' reviews were really unwarranted.
    This movie has legs..definitely.
    Now I can't wait to get the DVD/OST/score!

  21. bettyel

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving actor than Robert Pattinson. Loved the movie. Saw it twice and think the critics gave it a really bad rap. Good script, well enacted, and left plenty to ponder after it ended.

  22. Ruthie

    that would be hardly. Sorry for the typo

  23. Ruthie

    Hardlu a flop. Proves that with the right vehicle Pattinson can make money at the box office. I personally loved this litte film
    Thought all the actors involved were terrific. I


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