Robert Pattinson’s REMEMBER ME Crosses $45 Million Mark Worldwide: Box Office

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin in bed Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin in bed Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me opened in Argentina, France and several other European countries this weekend, landing at #6 in Paris and its suburbs. The romantic drama’s international weekend take was $4.7 million at 2,302 screens in 36 territories. The international total currently stands at $27 million.

Remember Me, which cost $16 million, has thus far grossed $18.7 million in North America. Worldwide total: $45.7 million.

Up to April 4, the film’s top foreign markets — no doubt thanks to Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Saga-propelled stardom — were Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, $3.15m; Italy, $2.35m; Germany, $1.9m; Brazil, $1.71m; the UK/Ireland/Malta, $1.5m; Australia, $1.21 million (up to Mar. 28); and Spain, $1.1m.

Other markets where Pattinson’s Remember Me has grossed more than $250K are: Mexico, $684K; Greece, $423K (up to Mar. 28); Sweden, $405K (up to Mar. 28); Portugal, $347K; Poland, $333K (up to Mar. 28); Austria, $301K; and The Netherlands, $276K.

Remember Me will be opening in Chile and Turkey in the coming weeks. It has yet to open in a few major markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea. It’ll surely earn more than $50 million worldwide; possibly as much as $60 million. Not bad for a mixed-to-poorly received “small” movie featuring an as-yet unproven star in an unlikely role.

In Remember Me, Robert Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, a young man at odds with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Eventually, Tyler falls for a young woman (Emilie de Ravin), but all sorts of problems arise.

Also in the film’s cast are Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, Chris Cooper, and Tate Ellington. Remember Me was directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters. Jenny Lumet did some (uncredited) rewriting.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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9 Comments to Robert Pattinson’s REMEMBER ME Crosses $45 Million Mark Worldwide: Box Office

  1. Juliette

    I have watched this movie more than 10 times already because of Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson, in this movie Robert shows he is a good actor and Pierce Brosnan has been my best for ages!

  2. nola

    I love Remember me, Robert did awesome job

  3. Val

    I absolutely loved RM!! I thought Rob definitely proved himself as an actor. I am so happy RM is in the “black” and making money. Hopefully DVD sales will be strong. So happy for Rob. The movie is wonderful a must see.

  4. luvrob

    wow..remmber me rocks the world!!! gor rob!!!!!

  5. anonymous

    Loved the movie. It’s very touching real human story. They need to make more movies like this one. They should have released it sooner in Europe though. It’s possible that this delay has affected foreign BO because usually pirate versions show up on line after a couple of weeks since opening day. Still the movie is doing pretty good in spite of everything. Apparently good WOM is working.

  6. Kim

    It’s doing really well, despite the negative reviews. It’s got a good WOM which I guess is helping it. Here in my country (France) it started really well, last Wednesday which is the day of new releases it was #2 of the new releases, and it had to compete with Clash of the Titans. I’ve been to see it several times and the theater was always packed, and the reaction of the audience is generally very positive. The ending however still divides and stuns everyone, but it is at least perceived with more detachment and distance as in the US - it is not taboo here.

  7. anonymous


  8. elsa

    . . . what a waste to open it this late to some of those countries, but this time, they probably had a “cam” of the movie circulating alredy.
    They should have opened it within a week of two of U.S. showing.

  9. anonymous

    I really loved the movie, Remember Me, and thought that Pattinson proved himself to be a good actor. I think this movie is doing quite well.

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