Sam Worthington/WRATH OF THE TITANS Box Office: Top Movie Internationally?

Sam Worthington Wrath of the Titans
Sam Worthington, Wrath of the Titans

Jennifer Lawrence / Liam Hemsworth / Josh Hutcherson’s THE HUNGER GAMES Box Office: $200 Million in 8 Days

As per, there’s "zero doubt" that The Hunger Games will top not only the domestic box office, but also the international one. Now, there’s really less than zero doubt that the Gary Ross / Jennifer Lawrence movie will remain at the top in the United States / Canada, but also overseas?

Last weekend, The Hunger Games opened with an acceptable $59.25 million in 67 territories. But if it drops 50 percent this weekend — something quite possible — the futuristic adventure drama would gross only about $30 million. If so, could Wrath of the Titans beat it?

Wrath of the Titans is expected to earn $29 million in North America at 3,545 theaters, among them approximately 4,400 3D and 290 IMAX screens. The adventure fantasy’s estimated Friday take is $11.2 million, including a just okay $1 million from Thursday midnight screenings.

Additionally, Wrath of the Titans is opening in 60 territories, including most major ones. If it earns about as much (or more) overseas as it’s expected to earn in North America, the Clash of the Titans sequel starring Sam Worthington could easily surpass The Hunger Games. International prospects are good for Wrath of the Titans:

  • a) it’s a sequel; brand recognition seems to be remarkably important abroad
  • b) it’s filled with mind-numbing action and special effects that have helped movies as diverse as Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Roland Emmerich’s 2012 become major international blockbusters
  • c) Clash of the Titans grossed $330 million internationally — more than twice the film’s box office take in North America.

We shall see whether Hunger or Wrath will come out on top abroad. Either way, Wrath of the Titans better perform quite well, as it cost Warner Bros. a reported $150 million — about twice the amount Lionsgate spent on The Hunger Games.

Directed by Battle Los Angeles / the upcoming Ninja Turtles’ Jonathan Liebesman, Wrath of the Titans features Avatar’s Sam Worthington, Kinsey’s Liam Neeson, The English Patient’s Ralph Fiennes, Carlos’ Édgar Ramírez, Toby Kebbell, Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy, Danny Huston, John Bell, and Lily James.

Sam Worthington / Wrath of the Titans photo: Jay Maidment / Warner Bros.

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