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SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Box Office: $200m Worldwide Friday?

Snow White and the Huntsman Kristen Stewart Monster Dark Forest
Snow White and the Huntsman: Dark Forest monster vs. Kristen Stewart

Box office: Snow White and the Huntsman trailed both Ridley Scott / Michael Fassbender / Noomi Rapace's horror sci-fier Prometheus and the Ben Stiller / David Schwimmer-voiced 3D animated feature Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted this past weekend at the North American box office. Directed by feature-film newcomer Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman scored $23.05 million according to box office actuals found at Box Office Mojo. That's down a hefty 59 percent from last weekend. [See also Box Office: MADAGASCAR 3 Movie Beats PROMETHEUS and PROMETHEUS: An Unqualified Domestic Box-Office Hit?.]

Starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Claflin, Snow White and the Huntsman was expected to reach $26-$28 million over the weekend according to predictions and early Friday estimates. The fantasy adventure would thus pass the $100m milestone in North America after only 10 days. As a result of its steep attendance drop, that didn't happen. SWATH's cume after 10 days reached $98.53m.

Barring a monstrous drop, Snow White and the Huntsman will be passing $100m some time today. Else, at the very latest on Tuesday.

SWATH reportedly cost $170m, in addition to marketing / distribution expenses which often amount to about half of a film's production budget. If Universal spent, say, $80m in marketing and distributing Snow White and the Huntsman, then in order to break even at the worldwide box office, Rupert Sanders' film would have to gross approximately $520m-$560m, depending on where the movie makes most of its money. (Studios get about 50-55 percent of their films' U.S. and Canada box office gross; 40 percent of the overseas gross.)

Snow White and the Huntsman: Worldwide Box Office

Snow White and the Huntsman's worldwide total after 10 days is an estimated $182.03m. SWATH will surely cross the $200m milestone worldwide before next Sunday – perhaps even before next Friday, depending on how Sanders' movie holds up during the week.

Internationally, Snow White and the Huntsman added $24.6 million this past weekend, cuming at an estimated $83.5 million, or about 45 percent of the film's worldwide gross. Its top international markets were the United Kingdom with $3.6 million, Mexico with $2.7 million, and Brazil and Germany with $2.6 million each. If those estimates are accurate, Snow White and the Huntsman has had a strong hold in Brazil, where it actually increased (however slightly) its box office take on weekend no. 2.* (On its first weekend out, SWATH raked in $2.58 million in Brazil.)

Next weekend, Snow White and the Huntsman opens in France, Russia, Japan, and other smaller markets.

A curiosity: as mentioned in a previous post, two Snow White and the Huntsman performers have two movies among the top five on the North American box office chart. Charlize Theron's other box office success is Prometheus (which earned $51.05 million at no. 2, or a little more than the $50m estimate released yesterday); Chris Hemsworth's is The Avengers (which added $11.24 million at no. 5).

* Note from the editor: On its first weekend in Brazil, Snow White and the Huntsman sold 468,000 tickets at 447 venues. This past weekend, SWATH sold 413,140 tickets – a small 12 percent drop – at an unspecified number of locations.

Snow White and the Huntsman was written by Evan Daugherty (Killing Season), John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side), and Hossein Amini (Drive). In addition to Breaking Dawn Part 2's Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Young Adult's Charlize Theron (Evil Queen), Thor's Chris Hemsworth (Huntsman), and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Sam Claflin (Prince Charming), the SWATH cast includes the following:

Made in Dagenham's Bob Hoskins, The Sweeney's Ray Winstone, Shrek the Third's Ian McShane, My Week with Marilyn's Toby Jones, Sherlock Holmes' Eddie Marsan, The Moth Diaries' Lily Cole, Clash of the Titans' Vincent Regan, 28 Days Later's Noah Huntley, Shaun of the Dead's Nick Frost, and Salmon Fishing in Yemen's Rachael Stirling.

Snow White and the Huntsman / Kristen Stewart as Snow White picture: Alex Bailey / Universal Pictures.

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9 Comments to SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Box Office: $200m Worldwide Friday?

  1. jo

    @zoe, studios plan sequels all the time. many times they never see the light of day. as for snow white it's a modest hit, but nothing to write home about. like the article says studios don't see full profit from overseas, and this movie probably won't make it's budget back domestically.

  2. JP

    "[SWATH] has been holding up better abroad than in North America."

    That was the exact opposite for The Hunger Games. If that had had stronger overseas sales, it just might've sneaked into the $1B club.

  3. Andre

    Once again @JP, thanks for the comment.
    Note: The reported $170m is the production budget, not including marketing/distribution expenses.
    But there's a good chance "Snow White and the Huntsman" will earn more than $340m worldwide. It has several major markets (France, Russia, Japan, Italy) where it can fare quite well. Also, it has been holding up better abroad than in North America.

  4. JP

    Cheryl: SWATH indeed cost $170m, likely not including promotion.

    It'll probably need to make around $350m worldwide as a result, which is a stretch at this point given that it's just barely cracking nine figures domestically (granted, Madagascar and Prometheus have had a hand in that, but SWATH was also pretty lousy in the first place), and it has only nine international release dates remaining.

  5. cheryl

    Did SWaTH cost 170 million to make? Who is reporting this? I don't think Universal has said. I've never seen so many calculations to prove whether a film made money or not. If it wasn't profitable I don't think Universal would have embarked on SWaTH 2. Also some it's possible that some of the costs of SWaTH can be applied over the sequel.

  6. Andre

    Thanks for the comment.

    I don't understand how anyone in his/her right mind could see this as "laying into Kristen's film."

    The figures provided in this Zac Gille article don't take into consideration "things like merchandise" because, as clearly explained in the piece, it's about "Snow White and the Huntsman'"s *box office* -- not ancillary revenues.

    Anyhow, there's a follow-up to this piece that will be posted on Tuesday. Those who enjoyed this article, stay tuned...

  7. JP

    "Stop laying into just Kristen's film she doesn't need another blog going after her."

    Did you even bother reading the entire article? It doesn't "lay" into SWATH at all.

    KStew fans really need to stop being so freakin' defensive about anything that even remotely comes across as criticism.

  8. Zoe

    Funny Universal is already planning a sequel so they seem confident in Snow White even if no name blogs are trashing it's take home. Why don't you write this post for Men in Black or Prometheus? Stop laying into just Kristen's film she doesn't need another blog going after her.

  9. Zoe

    Your figure doesn't take into consideration things like merchandise which has been extensive for this movie.


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