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THE CROWD, TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH, BONANZA: Packard Campus Jan. 2011 Schedule

The Gay Divorcee poster

Hayao Miyazaki, Gregory Peck, King Vidor, Ingmar Bergman: Packard Campus January 2011

Thursday, January 6 (7:30 p.m.)
An unhappily married woman mistakes a suitor for the gigolo hired to end her marriage. Musical, comedy, romance. Directed by Mark Sandrich. With Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Alice Brady, Edward Everett Horton, Erik Rhodes and Eric Blore. Black & White, 107 min.

Friday, January 7 (7:30 p.m.)
TRON (Disney, 1982)
A computer genius falls into the game he's designed and has to fight an evil intelligence he accidentally created. Science Fiction, action, adventure. Directed by Steven Lisberger. With Jeff Bridges, David Warner and Bruce Boxleitner. Color. 96 min. Rated PG.

Saturday, January 8 (2:00 p.m.)
When two girls move to the country to be near their ailing mother, they have adventures with the wondrous forest spirits who live nearby. Animation, family adventure, fantasy. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Japanese, dubbed in English. Color. 86 min. Rated G.

Twelve O'Clock High, Henry King

Thursday, January 20 (7:30 p.m.)
TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH (20th Century Fox, 1949)
The head of a World War II bomber squadron cracks under the pressure. Action, drama, war. Directed by Henry King. With Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe and Gary Merrill. Black & White, 132 min. Selected for the National Film Registry in 1998.

Friday, January 21 (7:30 p.m.)
TRAINSPOTTING (Channel Four, 1996)
Set in Edinburgh, the film follows a few days in the life of Mark Renton and his mates; a crew of junkies,
deadbeats, thieves and liars. Crime drama. Directed by Danny Boyle. With Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle. Color. 94 min. Rated R for drug use, language, nudity, sex and violence.

Saturday, January 22 (7:30 p.m.)
EXCALIBUR (Orion, 1981)
King Arthur's evil half-sister and his wife's affair with Sir Lancelot threaten his dream of finding the Holy Grail. Adventure, drama, fantasy. Directed by John Boorman. With Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, Nicholas Clay, Nicol Williamson and Cherie Lunghi. Color. 140 min. Rated R nudity, sex and violence.

Thursday, January 27 (7:30 p.m.)
Bonanza: Enter Mark Twain (NBC, 1959)
With Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Howard Duff. Color. 60 min.
Annie Oakley: Annie and the Brass Collar (Syndicated, 1954)
With Gail Davis, Brad Johnson and Jimmy Hawkins. Black & white, 30 min.
Sugarfoot: The Canary Kid (ABC, 1958)
With Will Hutchins, Frank Albertson and Lonie Blackman., 60 min.

Friday, January 28 (7:30 p.m.)
SKAMMEN (SHAME) (Lopert, 1968)
A politically uninvolved couple suffer the terrifying consequences of being caught up in the midst of a civil war. Drama. In Swedish, subtitled in English. Directed by Ingmar Bergman. With Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow. Black & White , 103 min.
Rated R nudity, language and violence.

Saturday, January 29 (7:30 p.m.)
In this compelling silent film, an office worker deals with the simple joys and tragedies of married life. Drama. Directed by King Vidor. With Eleanor Boardman and James Murray. Musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson. Selected for the National Film Registry in 1989. Black & White, 98 min.

Images: Library of Congress

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