THE HUNGER GAMES Box Office: All-Time Top Twenty? Think Again

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Zac Efron/THE LUCKY ONE Box Office: $25 Million?

At no. 3 this weekend behind Think Like a Man and The Lucky One, Gary RossThe Hunger Games is expected to collect about $13 million. Its Friday take was $4 million according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth star.

The Hunger Games’ domestic cume stands at an estimated $346.4 million, which means the dystopic adventure drama is now the no. 20 movie ever at the domestic box office. That is, if you live on a planet where little things called "inflation" and "IMAX surcharges" don’t exist.

On Box Office Mojo’s all-time box office chart, The Hunger Games currently finds itself sandwiched between Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon’s $352 million and Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ $342 million. By Sunday evening, The Hunger Games will have surpassed Dark of the Moon, and will shortly be surpassing Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

However, in terms of estimated ticket sales — which happen to be the true measure of a film’s popularity (in relation to the population of the country or region in question) — The Hunger Games is, huh, no. 123, slightly ahead of the high-brow Ben Stiller / Robert De Niro comedy Meet the Fockers and, once again, slightly behind the just-as-highbrow sci-fier / actioner Dark of the Moon.

Chiefly as a result of its domestic success, The Hunger Games is no. 82 on the all-time worldwide box office chart, ahead of The Empire Strikes Back and behind Despicable Me.

At no. 4 on Friday, DisneyNature’s Chimpanzee may collect approximately $10.5 million by Sunday evening after raking in $3.53 million at 1,563 locations on Friday. For comparison’s sake, Oceans and African Cats each grossed around $6 million on their debut weekends.

Rounding out the top five on Friday was Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods, featuring a pre-Thor, pre-The Avengers Chris Hemsworth. The Cabin in the Woods scored $2.47 million, followed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly’s The Three Stooges with $2.3 million. The comedy was listed last night as Friday’s no. 5 movie, but it grossed a little less than early estimates indicated, whereas The Cabin in the Woods grossed a little more; hence, the switching around. The Three Stooges stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos.

Rounding out the top twelve on Friday were Seann William Scott / Jason Biggs’ American Reunion with $1.7 million, James Cameron / Leonardo DiCaprio / Kate Winslet’s Titanic 3D with $1.4 million, and Channing Tatum / Jonah Hill’s 21 Jump Street with $1.37m.

Also: Julia Roberts / Lily Collins / Armie Hammer’s Mirror Mirror with $1.09 million, Sam Worthington / Ralph FiennesWrath of the Titans with $1.03 million, and Guy Pearce / Maggie Grace’s Lockout with $939k.

Chimpanzee photo: Disney Enterprises.

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1 Comment to THE HUNGER GAMES Box Office: All-Time Top Twenty? Think Again

  1. Bill B.

    So wish there was/had been a way to track movie tickets sales over these many decades. Dollars mean little due to a number of reasons, mostly inflation. Ticket sales are the true definition of how many got up off the sofa and went out and paid to go see a movie regardless of the ticket price. Have more people purchased tickets to see Gone With the Wind as opposed to Star Wars, Avatar, Titanic, E.T, The Sound of Music, Jaws? However, the world is a changin’! With all of the many ways to view films these days, it is going to get more & more complex to truly judge viewership numbers, if it is even possible which I suspect it already isn’t.

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