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Tom Cruise TOP GUN to Beat Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford?

Tom Cruise Top Gun 3D box officeTom Cruise (Top Gun 3D) to beat Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford?

Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher, which opened in late December 2012, hasn't been a major hit at the domestic box office. (See more info below.) However, Cruise can boast a solid early 2013 North American opening – in limited released and on 3D, no less: This weekend, Top Gun, Tony Scott's 1986 action flick that turned Tom Cruise into a household name worldwide, is getting a 3D-"enhanced" rerelease in North America at 300 venues. Winter storm Nemo or no, on Friday Top Gun 3D collected an estimated $533,000 according to Box Office Mojo, thus easily topping the 1981 Steven Spielberg / Harrison Ford collaboration Raiders of the Lost Ark, which debuted with $440,136 on is opening day at 267 IMAX locations last (Nemo-less) September. (Image: Tom Cruise Top Gun 3D.)

On its first IMAX weekend out, Raiders of the Lost Ark took in $1.67 million at no. 14 on the domestic box office chart, averaging $6,269 per theater. Don't be too surprised if Tom Cruise and Top Gun 3D manage to reach $2 million by Sunday evening, thus cracking the top ten chart and averaging around $6,600 per site. Official weekend estimates will be released on Sunday morning; weekend box office actuals will come out on Monday. (See "Tom Cruise Top Gun 3D Trailer" and "Tom Cruise in Top Gun Sequel?")

Needless to say, there's no comparison between Top Gun 3D (Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX) and James Cameron's Titanic 3D. Cameron's megablockbuster was rereleased in 3D at 2,600 venues in April 2012. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Gloria Stuart, Titanic 3D scored $4.7 million on opening day – a Wednesday (figure includes late Tuesday grosses).

Tom Cruise and Jack Reacher: Box-office flop?

Tom Cruise's latest star vehicle, Christopher McQuarrie's action / thriller Jack Reacher, should end its domestic run with less than $80m (current cume: $78.88 million), which places it somewhere between Bryan Singer's Valkyrie ($83.07m) and James Mangold's Knight and Day ($76.42m). Granted, that's not a great domestic cume, but in no way could the $60m-budgeted Jack Reacher be considered a box office flop – well, at least once one considers the film's international performance: $112.1 million, for a grand worldwide total of $190.98m.

Jack Reacher's top international markets to date are the UK with $15.23 million, France with $11.89 million, and Australia with $8.98m.

Tom Cruise leads Top Gun cast

Directed by Tony Scott, besides Tom Cruise the Top Gun cast features Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, Val Kilmer, John Stockwell, Barry Tubb, Tom Skerritt, Rick Rossovich, Michael Ironside, Meg Ryan, Adrian Pasdar, and Tim Robbins.

Tom Cruise Top Gun photo: Paramount Pictures.

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