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Tom Cruise in TOP GUN Sequel?

Tom Cruise, Top Gun, Maverick
Tom Cruise as Maverick in Tony Scott's Top Gun

Paramount Pictures, the studio that brought you (or your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents) Cecil B. DeMille epics, Billy Wilder comedies and dramas, The Godfather I-III, now brings you … Top Gun II?

Well, Vulture says Paramount has "made offers" to both Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott, the producer and director responsible for one of the worst cinematic atrocities of the late 20th century: Top Gun, a 1986 Hail the Military flick made to order for guys (especially gay guys, what with all the bare-chested men wearing tight shorts) and hetero/bi gals (what with all the bare-chested men wearing tight shorts).

According to some reports of that era, Top Gun — which grossed $353.8 million worldwide — made men everywhere want to join the air force like never before so they could look as hip as Tom Cruise's Maverick, who also happens to get the girl, Kelly McGillis, despite his awful singing and inept acting. (Cruise has become a better performer since.)

Vulture adds that Christopher McQuarrie — the guy who wrote the brilliant The Usual Suspects — would update the screenplay, in which Cruise's character would have a smaller role, possibly to be played by Cruise himself.

David Ellison, a fan of the original, star of the box office bomb Flyboys, and son of billionaire Oracle Corp. founder Larry Ellison, is supposed to have been "influential" in the resurrection of Top Gun. Ellison is also one of the executive producers on Cruise's Mission Impossible IV.

But Vulture points out a little problem for the reboot/sequel:

"Since 1986, the TOPGUN syllabus has been changed so the focus is far less on the spectacular and dramatic air-to-air dogfights that defined Top Gun and far more about teaching U.S. pilots to drop very large bombs on very small ground targets."

Photo: Paramount Pictures.

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