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Taylor Lautner Shirtless – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Plot Necessity

Taylor Lautner shirtless The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Taylor Lautner shirtless in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse helps to advance the film's plot in a number of ways: a) you can see why Kristen Stewart's Bella may wonder if a werewolf might be more enticing than a vampire b) it shows that Lautner's Jacob represents earthiness and sexual desire while Robert Pattinson's thin, white-faced Edward represent etherealness and spiritual love c) it shows that Jacob may be young but he's a man. In other words, you can lust after him without feeling guilty.

Lautner was the recent favorite movie actor winner at the Kids' Choice Awards held in Los Angeles last weekend. He also shared with Kristen Stewart the best on-screen couple award.

Directed by David Slade, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

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11 Comments to Taylor Lautner Shirtless – THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Plot Necessity

  1. lil lill

    He is so hottie!!!!!!!!!

  2. miss m

    sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. soo purdyyy<3,(:,!

  4. dayyyyyyummmmmmmmmm.fine<3

  5. Sarmo

    In the book it is clear that sexy part belongs to Edward.
    Why movie is so pimped Jacob?

  6. Isabella

    hess so cute too bad hes my cousin

  7. Isabella

    taylor launter is my best cousin i'm a chippewa cree and we love him all indians are related

  8. Usman

    he is my age fellow bt he is soooo hot…nd in this pic he is looking great….

  9. carla

    hes so cute i wish i can meet him

  10. Dana

    That makes a lot of sense, good analysis. Summit entertainment should read your post:)


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