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Meryl Streep, Mo'Nique: Golden Globes 2010 Photos

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep (Golden Globe Awards / © HFPA)

Best actress (comedy or musical) winner Meryl Streep (for Nora Ephron's Julie & Julia) told the crowd at the 2010 Golden Globes ceremony that because she has played many extraordinary women, people have come to believe that she's one as well. She then explained, "I'm a vessel for other people's stories, and other women's lives." From there, Streep got fellow comedy/musical nominee Sandra Bullock (for The Proposal) all teary eyed when she reminisced about her mother, who "had no patience for gloom and doom." She then added, "I'm not like that."

Streep was trying to make a point about her attempts to reconcile her being at the Golden Globes a few days after the deadly Haiti earthquake. (Estimates now place the number of dead between 50,000 and 200,000.) In her speech, she mentioned Partners in Health, an organization that has been providing assistance to Haiti's poor for quite some time.

Mo'Nique, whose speech many found the most touching of the evening, talked about her dreams of becoming a star. She won the best supporting actress Golden Globe for Lee Daniels' Precious, in which she plays Gabourey Sidibe's abusive mother. She dedicated her award to women who have been sexually abused.


Mo'Nique feels like crying (Golden Globe Awards / © HFPA)


Mo'Nique feels like jumping for joy (Golden Globe Awards / © HFPA)

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3 Comments to Meryl Streep, Mo'Nique: Golden Globes 2010 Photos

  1. bukasa


  2. Tracey cooper

    Monique, i dont know you and you dont know me. i reside in cleveland ohio. and all i have to say is you deserve it and im very proud of you!!!!, i also feel like this movie was cheated and overlooked i watched both awards an Gabby should have won over meryl streep and the others because she is new to the scene, she got cheated, Congrats to you representing all the powerful and real women of this world, youre my hero.



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