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Jewish Ghetto Refugee Tale Tops Guldbagge Awards + 'Evening Standard' Winners

Nina's Journey Agnieszka GrochowskaAgnieszka Grochowska in Nina's Journey

Nina's Journey, the story of a Jewish ghetto refugee, is surprise Best Film winner at 2006 Guldbagge Awards

Writer-director Lena Einhorn's Nina's Journey / Ninas resa was the surprise Best Film and Best Screenplay winner at the 2006 Guldbagge Awards, Sweden's Oscars. Shot on digital video, the low-budget World War II-set drama follows a young Jewish woman (Agnieszka Grochowska) as she leaves Warsaw's Jewish ghetto for a new life in Sweden. Based on Einhorn's own book, itself taken from her mother's life story, Nina's Journey had been nominated only in the two aforementioned Guldbagge Award categories.

Björn Runge's Mouth to Mouth / Mun mot mun, which received seven Guldbagge nominations, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actor (Peter Andersson), ended up winning only one award: for Best Supporting Actor Magnus Krepper. Mouth to Mouth depicts the plight of a runaway teenager (Sofia Westberg) enmeshed with a middle-aged drug addict (Magnus Krepper) who hires her out as a sex worker.

2006 Guldbagge winners

Best Film
Mouth to Mouth / Mun mot mun - Prod: Clas Gunnarsson
* Nina's Journey / Ninas resa - Prod: Kaska Krosny
Zozo - Prod: Anna Anthony

Best Foreign Language Film
* The Child / L'Enfant - Dirs: Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne / Belgium
Nobody Knows / Dare mo shiranai - Dir: Hirokazu Koreeda / Japan
Hidden / Caché - Dir: Michael Haneke / Austria

Best Director
Josef Fares, Zozo
* Ulf Malmros, God Save the King / Tjenare Kungen
Björn Runge, Mouth to Mouth

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Peter Andersson, Mouth to Mouth
* Krister Henriksson, Sex, Hope & Love / Sex, hopp och kärlek
Mikael Persbrandt, Bang Bang Orangutang

Best Actress in a Leading Role
* Maria Lundqvist, Mother of Mine / Den bästa av mödrar / Äideistä parhain
Tuva Novotny, Four Weeks in June / Fyra veckor i juni
Amanda Ooms, Harry's Daughters / Harrys döttrar

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Börje Ahlstedt, Percy, Buffalo Bill & I / Percy, Buffalo Bill & jag /
* Magnus Krepper, Mouth to Mouth
Michael Nyqvist, Mother of Mine

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Tuva Novotny, Bang Bang Orangutang
* Ghita Nørby, Four Weeks in June
Sofia Westberg, Mouth to Mouth

Best Screenplay
* Lena Einhorn, Nina's Journey
Josef Fares, Zozo
Björn Runge, Mouth to Mouth

Best Cinematography
Anders Bohman, Mouth to Mouth
* Aril Wretblad, Zozo
Philip Øgaard, Kim Novak Never Swam in the Lake of Genesaret / Kim Novak badade aldrig i Genesarets sjö

Best Short Film
* A Night Story / En nattsaga - Dir: Maja Lindström
Autobiographical Scene Number 6882 / Scen nr: 6882 ur mitt liv - Dir: Ruben Östlund
The Lodge / Sportstugan - Dirs: Gunilla Heilborn, Mårten Nilsson

Best Documentary Film
The Well / Brunnen - Dir: Kristian Petri
The Kinch / Kinchen - Dir: Måns Månsson
* Prostitution Behind the Veil / Prostitution bakom slöjan - Dir: Nahid Persson

Best Achievement in editing, set design, costume design, make-up, special effects, or animation
Jaana Fomin for the costumes in God Save the King

Best Achievement in sound design, sound mix, or musical score
Adam Nordén for the music in Zozo

Honorary Guldbagge
Anita Björk

Ingmar Bergman Award
Åse Kleveland

Gullspiran Prize for outstanding achievement in children's films
Director of animation Per Åhlin

Agnieszka Grochowska in Nina's Journey photo: Svensk Filmindustri.

London Evening Standard British Film Awards - 2005

Winners of the London Evening Standard British Film Awards include the political thriller The Constant Gardener as Best Picture, Ralph Fiennes as Best Actor for his role as the mild-mannered but determined diplomat in The Constant Gardener, and Natasha Richardson as Best Actress for her performance in the sexually charged thriller Asylum.

The London Evening Standard British Film Awards announced on January 30, 2006.

Best Film: The Constant Gardener

Best Actor: Ralph Fiennes, The Constant Gardener

Best Actress: Natasha Richardson, Asylum

Best Screenplay: Mark O'Halloran, Adam and Paul

Technical Achievement: Director Neil Marshall, The Descent

Most Promising Newcomer: Director Saul Dibb, Bullet Boy

Comedy Performance: Tom Hollander, Pride & Prejudice

Contribution to British Film: Nick Park, Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

The winners were chosen by film critics from the Evening StandardDaily TelegraphThe Times, and Financial Times.

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