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2016 Movie Box Office: Another Million at No. 3

2016 movie Barack Obama's brother George Obama2016 movie box office: Third wide-release weekend actuals

2016 Obama's America, Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan's critique of U.S. president Barack Obama based on D'Souza's book The Roots of Obama's Rage, was the no. 3 movie at the North American box office on both Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 10-11. The 2016 movie added an estimated $1.04 million at 2,017 locations since Sunday for an estimated cume of $27.16 million after 61 days – about 20 of those in wide release – according to figures found at Box Office Mojo. [Photo: George Obama, Barack Obama's half-brother, talks with Dinesh D'Souza in 2016 Obama's America.]

This past weekend, Sept. 7-9, despite a 15 percent increase in number of venues and last week's Democratic National Convention, 2016 Obama's America was down a relatively steep 41 percent. As a result, D'Souza and Sullivan's 2016 movie's per-theater average plummeted another 50 percent (after tumbling 46 percent the previous weekend), down to a paltry $1,641 on the documentary's third weekend in wide release. [See also: “Henry Cavill & Bradley Cooper Movies: One of Worst Box-Office Weekends in More Than Two Decades.”]

On the positive side, on both Monday and Tuesday, 2016 Obama's America had the highest per-theater average among the top twelve movies on the North American box office chart. Having said that, when putting those figures in context one realizes that's no major feat: The U.S. and Canada box office continues to be suffering from one of the weakest-performing crop of late-summer movies in years – possibly in a couple of decades (in number of tickets sold).

For instance, on Tuesday, the 2016 movie was tops – but with a meager $260 per-venue average, compared to Shia LaBeouf / Tom Hardy's Lawless' $242 and Ole Bornedal / Jeffrey Dean Morgan's The Possession's $238. That's a tiny gap, especially considering that Lawless is playing at 3,138 venues and The Possession at 2,834 locations vs. 2016 Obama's America's 2,017 venues. All things being equal, the lower the number of the theaters, the higher the per-theater average should be.

2016 Movie: Wide release likely to be downsized in near future

In all likelihood, exhibitors will start replacing 2016 Obama's America with something potentially more profitable within the next two weekends. Barring a miracle, expect the 2016 movie's actual weekend grosses and per-theater averages to go down dramatically.

Even so, Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan's documentary will surely end its run north of $30m, possibly around $35-36 million. That depends on how the 2016 movie will fare this coming weekend and the next. Either way, by next Sunday 2016 Obama's America should have surpassed Chimpanzee to become 2012's top non-fiction film at the North American box office.

2016 Movie Box Office: No. 3 on Weekday Chart” Dinesh D'Souza and George Obama (Barack Obama's half-brother) in 2016 Obama's America: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

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6 Comments to 2016 Movie Box Office: Another Million at No. 3

  1. Brad

    Every American should see this film to further understand the man, President Obama.

  2. Lindangel

    I saw the movie—it is very powerful! I did not vote for Obama in 08' and will not again in November. I had already studied the man and knew what his ideology was all about.
    He hates America and if he gets re-elected-he will finish off this once great country.

  3. James

    I watch the movie yesterday with my family. It was a nice video which documented and explain Obama's influences in his life. Our family voted for him the last time, and none of us plan to vote for him this time. Not because of the movie, but because of his actions that he has taken while being the POTUS. He needs to be let go.

  4. Carla Reeves

    Just saw the movie. Beautifully filmed and extremely well presented by Dinesh D'Souza. I learned a lot and found the movie very thought provoking. It is well worth you time to see a movie that makes you think, no matter which side of the isle you are on.

  5. jmm

    I have read quite a few unfavorable reviews by the liberal, left-wing movie critics about the ' 2016 Obama's America ' documentary. But, I have yet to see any documentary by any movie producers praising Obama on how great a President he has been for the past 3 1/2 years. If any one knows of such a documentary playing nationwide to packed audiences like the '2016 Obama's America' documentary , please let me know and I will buy the popcorn and soda for us while we watch this documentary.

  6. Brian

    You're not smart, so you'll likely continue digging. 2016 is doing better financially that your past posts predicted, and it will continue to outperform, no matter how many blog posts you produce with words such “plummet” in the title.

    Newsflash for the IQ-challenged: The overwhelming majority of movies “plummet” in gross sales in the weeks subsequent to wide release. But 2016's decline has been markedly less extreme than it's competitors, and holds up quite well historically. 2016 will be the #2 political documentary in US gross sales (and the #4 documentary generally) even after adjusting for inflation. And it will gross well over 35-36 million.