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Academy Invites 120 to Membership in 2006

Among the Academy's interesting choices for new members are former child star Hayley Mills, who won a special Oscar in 1961 for playing Pollyanna the year before; child star Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds), who won't have to wait decades to become an Academy member; screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière, who has been around for decades - he was a Luis Buñuel collaborator - but only now gets an invitation; director Werner Herzog, another veteran with more than fifty films to his credit; and animator Hayao Miyazaki.

The most glaring omission - that I could tell - was Michelle Williams. Fellow Brokeback Mountain Oscar nominees Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were invited. She is not in the list.

Press Release:

Beverly Hills, CA –  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has extended membership invitations to 120 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves in the field of theatrical motion pictures. The group will be the only new voting members invited to join the organization in 2006.

“Two years ago the Academy decided to slow membership growth, and to become even more selective in choosing members," said Academy President Sid Ganis. “Instead of inviting every proposed person who has achieved the minimum qualifications for his or her branch, the membership committees are selecting the most exceptionally qualified names from those lists.”

Procedures instituted two years ago allow the organization to fill vacancies resulting from death and transitions to retired (non-voting) status and grow by a maximum of 30 new members annually.

Candidates for Academy membership are considered by committees made up of prominent representatives of each of the organization's 14 branches –  art directors, executives, film editors, etc. Candidates can either be proposed by the committees or by two current members of their branch. In addition, individuals nominated for Academy Awards®, if not already members of the organization, are considered by the appropriate committees, though not necessarily invited to membership. This year, 39 of the invitees were 2005 nominees and eight won Oscars®.

Though the great majority of AMPAS members are based in the U.S., membership is open to qualified filmmakers around the world. The Academy roster currently includes theatrical motion picture makers from 36 countries.

New members will be welcomed into the organization at an invitation-only reception on Wednesday, September 20, at the Academy's Fairbanks Center for Motion Picture Study in Beverly Hills.

Amy Adams
Eric Bana
Maria Bello
Dakota Fanning
Jake Gyllenhaal
Terrence Howard
Felicity Huffman
Keira Knightley
Heath Ledger
Hayley Mills
Barry Pepper
Joaquin Phoenix
Jon Polito
Ving Rhames
Liev Schreiber
David Strathairn
Rachel Weisz

Grover Crisp
Louis D'Esposito
Daniel Glickman
Steve Papazian
David Young

Wayne Allwine
Mark Andrews
Steve Box
John Canemaker
Will Finn
Rex Grignon
Andrew Jimenez
Tim Johnson
Hayao Miyazaki

Sarah Halley Finn
Randi Hiller

Lance Acord
Paul Cameron
Cesar Charlone
Denis Lenoir
Wally Pfister
Roberto Schaefer
Sandi Sissel
Tom Stern
Salvatore Totino

Jacqueline Durran
Janty Yates

Werner Herzog
Nicole Holofcener
Gavin Hood
Bennett Miller
Mark Waters

Paola di Florio
Alex Gibney
Hubert Sauper

Gail Berman
Jeff Bewkes
Colin Callender
Andrew E. Cripps
Hal Gaba
Elizabeth Gabler
Douglas Mankoff
Michael Paseornek
Paul Schaeffer
Jonathan Sehring
Michael J. Werner

Tom Finan
Wayne Wahrman
Hughes Winborne

Pia Clemente
Martin McDonagh
Rob Pearlstein

Lance Anderson
Nick Dudman

Harry Gregson-Williams
Alberto Iglesias
Dario Marianelli
Dolly Parton

Albert Berger
Bill Kong
Tom Luddy
Gail Mutrux
Diane Nabatoff
Cathy Schulman
Jennifer Todd
Robert K. Weiss
Ron Yerxa

Mark Friedberg
Sarah Greenwood
Tom Reta
Melissa Stewart
Tom Wilkins

Andre Caraco
Mary Murphy Conlin
Steve Elzer
Barbara Glazer
Rick Lynch
Steven T. Miller

James Beshears
Lanny Raimondo
Kenneth S. Williams

Trisha Edwards
Victor Zolfo

Ulrika Akander
Anthony (Chic) Ciccolini III
Eugene Gearty
Michael Semanick
Renée Tondelli

Jim Berney
Pablo Helman
Jeffrey M. Kleiser
Michael Meinardus
William F. “Bill" Shourt
Dan Taylor
Bill Tondreau
Bill Westenhofer

Noah Baumbach
Jeffrey Caine
Jean-Claude Carrière
Dan Futterman
Tony Kushner
Bobby Moresco
Josh Olson

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3 Comments to Academy Invites 120 to Membership in 2006

  1. Marcus Tucker

    You have a point about Fanning, she is a good little actress and will more than likely make better choices that the current members of the Academy. What you said about NC-17 films made me think of Tatum O'Neil, poor little Tatum. The year after she won when she presented she was dressed in a much too adult way, I have to find a picture of her somewhere but Nolan Miller did her dress and was kind of shocked by how mature she was to be her age. And Dangerfield was what the Academy needed.

  2. Andre

    Hey, Marcus,

    The criterion, as far as I know, has to do with the quality and variety of the work the potential Academy members have done in the past. I remember when several years ago, comedian Rodney Dangerfield applied for membership and was rejected because his body of work supposedly wasn't distintcitve enough.

    But really, will Fanning's Best Film choices be any more infantile than the choices of so many Academy members? I'd say she'll fit right in…

    Now, here's wondering if Fanning will receive DVDs of unrated, NC-17, or “R' rated films to watch come Oscar time.

  3. Marcus Tucker

    Does the Academy have and actual criteria at all for members, or anything? To invite Fanning, good though she may be and Hayley Mills who proved herself as an actress decades before Fanning was even born, at the same time? But like the Academy Awards and nominations themselves it is all ceasing to be at all relevant, even in the film world.