Isabelle Huppert, Isabelle Adjani, Mike Nichols Sign Another “Free Polanski” Petition

Actors Louis Garrel, Isabelle Adjani, Elsa Zylberstein, and Isabelle Huppert; filmmakers Danièle Thompson, Steven Soderbergh, Neil Jordan, Sam Mendes, Taylor Hackford, and Mike Nichols; formerly persecuted writer Salman Rushdie; author Milan Kundera; and stylist Diane von Furstenberg are among those who have signed another petition demanding freedom for 76-year-old filmmaker Roman Polanski, currently being held at a Swiss prison while awaiting word from local authorities whether he'll be extradited to the United States on a charge of having sex with a minor in the late 1970s.

In his journal, La Règle du jeu, writer Bernard-Henri Lévy has asked for signatures supporting Polanski's release. Lévy's petition reads:

Apprehended like a common terrorist Saturday evening, September 26, as he came to receive a prize for his entire body of work, Roman Polanski now sleeps in prison.

He risks extradition to the United States for an episode that happened years ago and whose principal plaintiff repeatedly and emphatically declares she has put it behind her and abandoned any wish for legal proceedings.

Seventy-six years old, a survivor of Nazism and of Stalinist persecutions in Poland, Roman Polanski risks spending the rest of his life in jail for deeds which would be beyond the statute-of-limitations in Europe.

We ask the Swiss courts to free him immediately and not to turn this ingenious filmmaker into a martyr of a politico-legal imbroglio that is unworthy of two democracies like Switzerland and the United States. Good sense, as well as honor, require it.

Additionally, more than 100 personalities from the world of film, art, and literature – among them Pedro Almodóvar, Woody Allen, Jeanne Moreau, Wong Kar Wai, Alfonso Cuarón, Fanny Ardant, Monica Bellucci, and David Lynch – have signed a petition organized by France's Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD), which also demands that Polanski be released from custody.

Those who have thus far signed Lévy's petition are:

Isabelle Adjani
Antoine Aronin
Paul Auster
Morgane Beauverger
Candice Belaisch-Goldchmit
Yamina Benguigui
Pascal Bruckner
Jessika Cohen
Philippe Corbé
Jean-Paul Dayan
Katarina De Meulder
Arielle Dombasle
Nathalie Faucheux
Corinne Figuet
Pierre Forciniti
Louis Garrel
Albert Gauvin
Johanna Gozlan
Davide Homitsu Riboli
Taylor Hackford
Isabelle Huppert
Neil Jordan
Thierry Kamami
Milan Kundera
Gaelle Lancien
Claude Lanzmann
Bernard-Henri Lévy
Sam Mendes
Camille Meyer
Patrick Mimouni
Yann Moix
Mike Nichols
Sandra Nicolier
Marie Nieves Perez Neël
Salman Rushdie
Carine Sarna
Ysabelle Saura Del Pan
William Shawcross
Olivier Soares Barbosa
Steven Soderbergh
Nil Symchowicz
Danièle Thompson
Eugenia Varela Navarro
Diane von Furstenberg
Margaret Walker
Elsa Zylberstein

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