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AFI Life Achievement Award Winners: From John Ford to Jane Fonda

Gregory Peck, Brock Peters, To Kill a Mockingbird
Barbra Streisand, Funny Girl
Gregory Peck, Brock Peters in Robert Mulligan's To Kill a Mockingbird; Barbra Streisand in William Wyler's Funny Girl (bottom)

This list of AFI Life Achievement Award winners was culled from Wikipedia. The number on the right represents the honorees' age at the time of the award. Shirley MacLaine will be 78 next June 7.

1973 John Ford 79
1974 James Cagney 74
1975 Orson Welles 59
1976 William Wyler 73
1977 Bette Davis 68
1978 Henry Fonda 72
1979 Alfred Hitchcock 79
1980 James Stewart 71
1981 Fred Astaire 81
1982 Frank Capra 84
1983 John Huston 76
1984 Lillian Gish 90
1985 Gene Kelly 72
1986 Billy Wilder 79
1987 Barbara Stanwyck 79
1988 Jack Lemmon 63
1989 Gregory Peck 72
1990 David Lean 82
1991 Kirk Douglas 74
1992 Sidney Poitier 65
1993 Elizabeth Taylor 61
1994 Jack Nicholson 56
1995 Steven Spielberg 48
1996 Clint Eastwood 65
1997 Martin Scorsese 54
1998 Robert Wise 83
1999 Dustin Hoffman 61
2000 Harrison Ford 57
2001 Barbra Streisand 58
2002 Tom Hanks 45
2003 Robert De Niro 59
2004 Meryl Streep 54
2005 George Lucas 60
2006 Sean Connery 75
2007 Al Pacino 67
2008 Warren Beatty 71
2009 Michael Douglas 64
2010 Mike Nichols 78
2011 Morgan Freeman 74
2012 Shirley MacLaine 78
2013 Mel Brooks 86
2014 Jane Fonda 76

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4 Comments to AFI Life Achievement Award Winners: From John Ford to Jane Fonda

  1. Keith Leidahl

    To the board members o AFI I understand this is just one fans opinion however i ask your indulgence. I became a student of movie history and films, albeit self taught because of my love of it. It was a saving grace for me as a child. Movies filled a large void for me back then at a time when my life was very difficult, films were an education for me they taught me about life, love, laughter, history, and the human condition. Those late night black and white lessons of honor, dignity, and the endless possibilities of the human spirit were the groundwork upon which were a core of ideas upon which i built the values of the person of which i have become and has served me well my entire life to this moment. And so thou I'm not an actor, producer or director or affiliated with the film industry i believe i have valid enough credentials to speak here. Jerry Lewis carries enormous credentials in his resume. In over 70 years of entertaining this country and the entire world and over 60 years in front of and behind the camera he has given of himself consistantly. His comic style and technique are legendary. hi work behind the camera has resulted in innovated techniques which are still apart of industry today. his use of video playback set a new standard at the time. His selfless and tireless humanitarism in the fight against muscular dystrophy has improved the lives of millions of children all over the world he is there true champion. Lastly he has been a champion and friend to so many in his own industry, all the examples of which we will never know He is a great producer, a producer of great laughter and tears he has in my opinion all to the bettermeant of us all. AFI members and board he is one of your own and one of the most treasured you have. HONOR HIM. not because time may be running out but because he is one of your most deserving. To the rest of us he is already a winner because his life has been a lifetime achievement in greatness. Your's Sincerely Keith Brian Leidahl

  2. ray

    No award for marlon brando? He was definitely a contender. hey Stella, whats up with that?

  3. Margaret

    All most worthy recipients. However, one notable omission is Richard Basehart. He, without doubt, should have been awarded this accolade years ago. Film, television, stage, humanitarian work, animal welfare and the closing dialogue of the Olympic games qualified him well for the award . How blind can the Acadamy of Arts and Sciences be. It's an insult to him and his family. Surely, a posthumous award can be bestowed on this most talented man. It's now 29 years since his death…….. Don't forget him. His fans don't.

  4. Regina

    Why isn't John Waynes name among the recipients for the Lifetime Achievement Award? With all of the movies that he made and the inspiration that he was to this country….why was he never honored with this award. I see some names on this list of people that have not accomplished half as much film wise as the Duke but they were recognized. I'm sorry but that is an insult to a great man.