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Anthony Hopkins As Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock
Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock

Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock, who never won a competitive Oscar, in Sacha Gervasi's Hitchcock, which is scheduled to open in 2013. Hitchcock's massive double chin, prominent nose, and bald head are all there, but I can still see (a somewhat sleepy) Hannibal Lecter in there somewhere. Perhaps Hitchcock, who was known for his dry, pitch-black sense of humor, would have appreciated it.

Adapted by John J. McLaughlin and Stephen Rebello from Rebello's own novel set around the time Psycho was made, Hitchcock also features The Queen / Red's Helen Mirren as Hitchcock's wife (and film editor) Alma Reville, Match Point / The Avengers' Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh (who received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her performance in Psycho), Playing the Field / Total Recall's Jessica Biel as Vera Miles (Leigh's sister in the movie), W.E.'s James D'Arcy as Anthony Perkins, Michael Stuhlbarg as producer Lew Wasserman, Muriel's Wedding / The Sixth Sense's Toni Collette, and Danny Huston.

Anthony Hopkins was a Best Actor Oscar winner for Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs (1991). He received three other nominations: James Ivory's The Remains of the Day (1993), Oliver Stone's Nixon (1995), and Steven Spielberg's Amistad (1997, as Best Supporting Actor).

Snow White and the Huntsman's Toby Jones is also playing Hitchcock – but during the making of The Birds and Marnie – in the British TV movie The Girl, about the filmmaker's troubled relationship with his 1960s discovery Tippi Hedren.

Anthony Hopkins / Hitchcock photo via People.com.

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