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ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 2, Kevin James Bomb: Box Office

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 Samantha MathisAtlas Shrugged Part 2, Kevin James Bomb at the North American box office

Atlas Shrugged Part 2, based on Ayn Rand's renowned / derided novel, and the Frank Coraci-directed Kevin James comedy Here Comes the Boom are about to become the weekend's box office bombs. (Image: Samantha Mathis Atlas Shrugged Part 2.)

Swept away to fifth place, Here Comes the Boom is expected to gross approximately $12 million over the weekend after bringing in an estimated $3-4 million on Friday at 3,014 theaters, as per early, rough box office estimates found at Deadline.com. (Official Friday estimates come out Saturday morning.) For comparison's sake: The Dilemma, Kevin James' most recent box office bomb, opened with $17.8 million.

By Sunday evening, the eagerly anticipated – by the red-white-and-blue far-right crowd – Atlas Shrugged Part 2 should collect a disastrous $2-2.5 million at 1,012 locations after taking in an equally disastrous $650-850,000 on Friday.

Atlas Shrugged Part 2, a sequel to the box office bomb Atlas Shrugged Part 1, cost a reported $20 million. Much like its predecessor, the Atlas Shrugged follow-up will find zero interest overseas. The cast includes Samantha Mathis (replacing Part 1's Taylor Schilling, who has moved on to bigger and better things), Jason Beghe, and Esai Morales. Actor-turned-director John Putch handled the proceedings.

Box office: Sinister, Seven Psychopaths open modestly

And here are a couple of other new releases: At 2,527 North American locations, Summit Entertainment's horror flick Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson and featuring Ethan Hawke, scored an estimated $5-6 million on Friday, including $1 million from late-night Thursday and Friday midnight screenings.

By Sunday evening, Sinister should rake in at most $15 million. If so, its opening-weekend box office take will turn out to be quite a bit below the high teens some had been expecting. And even if it reaches the high-end of expectations, Sinister will likely still trail Hotel Transylvania's expected $16 million at no. 3 (behind Taken 2 and Argo). [See also: “Weekend Box Office: Argo or Taken 2 on Top?.”]

Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths will also open more modestly than some had expected, with only $3-4.5 million at 1,480 locations over the weekend, after collecting $1-1.5 million on Friday. That's a disappointing opening for the $15 million action comedy, which has garnered mostly enthusiastic reviews. The Seven Psychopaths cast includes Colin Farrell (who hasn't had much luck at the North American box office of late, e.g., Total Recall), Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson, Olga Kurylenko, and Abbie Cornish.

Samantha Mathis Atlas Shrugged Part 2 picture: Atlas Distribution.

Note: This post initially had Here Comes the Boom listed as Here Comes the Broom. A better title, but the wrong one.

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11 Comments to ATLAS SHRUGGED PART 2, Kevin James Bomb: Box Office

  1. Geo

    Dan, Here Comes the Boom had a budget of $42 million. It did bomb. I think it's made $45 million to date (worldwide). After RedBox/DVD, and after theater costs are tabulated, it MIGHT break even but I doubt it. If it does break even, it still is a bomb.

  2. Coracii

    Despite being released in about 2.5 times more theaters at opening than the first one (1012 theaters versus 465), the sequel has made about 10% less through ten days and is crashing at a faster rate. Guess that officially qualifies it as a box office bomb, yet again.

  3. Coracii

    So, for all the delusional that claimed the theaters were packed or the movie wasn't a box-office bomb how's it feel to see it making a meager $80 per day on average per theater after the first week. Cost more than $20 million plus advertising costs and has barely broken $2 million total in a week and crashing fast (just like the first one did). Selling about 8 tickets per day per theater, yep that's raking in the audiences…

  4. Indiana Mike

    I just saw Shrugged 2 and enjoyed it very much. The plot line and dialog seemed taken from this years election campaign. Atlas Shrugged 2 is well directed and acted and contains elements of conflict and tension that will be easily recognized as being a microcosm of current American society. Of course, I fully expect left wing loons to hate the movie, even before seeing it. Their political hatreds will not allow their accepting the message this movie espouses.

  5. Adrian Luca

    “Atlas Shrugged” Part 1 grossed $670,000 on its first day of release and ended up making a bit over 4 million dollars against a 20 million dollar budget. It was a financial disaster.

    Part 2 opened on twice as many screens on Friday and still only pulled in $690,000.

    These are objective facts. No matter how often Ayn Rand's acolytes regale us with anecdotes of watching the film in crowded theaters, Part 2 is a box office bomb.

  6. Nelbert

    I don't know how well it has really done at the box office. Plenty of great films did poorly on release only to gain in critical acclaim later on. The theater where I saw it had a reasonable crowd - as large as one might expect for a film with a targeted audience.
    Frankly, I thought the message powerful - frighteningly so. I'm sure there are plenty of “99%”ers who would be irked, but it sure seems to speak to the other 53% think its message is timely.

  7. Mark

    How can you write an article about how the movie has bombed BEFORE the movie has bombed. And you go on to say Atlas Shrugged is eagerly anticipated by the red white and blue, far right crowd, but Atlas Shrugged is neither far right nor far left. It is most similar to libertarianism, neither espousing government support for big business like the right nor state-sponsored Christianity like the FAR right. On the other hand, Ayn Rand did support individual rights including a woman's right to choose an abortion which is hardly a position of the far right.

    Go read a book, any book. Learn something before you make these arrogant pronouncements.

  8. rjf

    So every movie opened very low this weekend, but only two of them bombed? Biased much?

  9. John Galt

    Interesting to show your leftist colors in your review of Atlas Shrugged II. You already panned it, as expected, since ideology trumps reality in your world. Box office will be much higher Saturday/Sunday — Friday is always down since the core audience who will see the film are WORKING at their businesses/jobs (unlike certain movie reviewers.) Note: you may want to wait until Actual box office numbers are released Sunday evening before posting your drivel. (See, now I've posted MY drivel; now I'm going back to work to help others and rebuild this country/economy.)

  10. Steven Miller

    This article seems disingenuous me. Atlas Shrugged II was sold out at the first two theaters we tried to watch it at; we had to buy tickets two hours ahead of time to get in to a later showing. We really enjoyed the movie; it was thought provoking and relevant to the situation this country is now facing. The effort by some people to discourage others from seeing it is way too obvious. Judging from the crowds of people trying get in to see the movie where we went to watch it… the effort is having the opposite effect. It is a little like what happens when you tell your teenage daughter to stay the hell away from some nasty little pervert.

  11. Dan

    Here comes the boom only cost between 10 and 20 million so it didn't bomb.