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Bella and Edward Kissing: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Twilight' Romance

Edward and Bella kissing, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Eclipse

Edward and Bella kissing. That's Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the by now famous The Twilight Saga: Eclipse meadow scene. Directed by David Slade, best known for Hard Candy, Eclipse is supposed to be a darker, more action-filled installment in the Twilight franchise.

Even so, I believe it's the meadow scene that most stands out in the teaser trailer. It's beautifully shot, incredibly romantic, and at the same time profoundly sad. Even in the brightest of sunlights, there can be that “darkness” that envelop two people (or a person and a vampire) who share an “impossible” love. It's that sort of “darkness” that I'm hoping to find in Eclipse.

I'm looking forward to the final, official Eclipse trailer to be shown on Oprah next Friday. (I'll have my DVR ready.) I'm curious to see if Summit will emphasize action over romance so as to attract a larger fan base – or rather, non-fan base – to theaters. But no matter how many fight scenes are to be found in Eclipse, or how many times Taylor Lautner parades around shirtless, I'm quite sure it's the meadow scene that is going to stay with me.

Written by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer's novel, Eclipse opens on June 30. Meyer's novels, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, are #5 among the "most challenged” books of 2009 – books that some would like to have removed from libraries.

Also in the Eclipse cast are Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Anna Kendrick, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Ashley Greene.

Javier Aguirresarobe provided the great-looking cinematography. Music by Howard Shore.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

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13 Comments to Bella and Edward Kissing: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 'Twilight' Romance

  1. denaye

    i agree with what most of u said,i just started reading twilght a couple weeks ago so im only on new moon,but soo far im loving the books,and i hate how bella is also in love with jacob,edward is sooo much nicer and hotter ha! “)

  2. Priya

    And Belle..u wanna b my frnd..if yes ,then plz let me know I will giv u my email ID..

  3. Priya

    Belle…I am a seventeen year old girl frm India.U know our culture is so different.We dont date in India(atleast in some of the many states in India like my state Kerala).We believe in loving the only one we marry.I really do beleive in our culture.I havnt loved or dated anyone.So I really cant tell hw this emotion -'love'- goes.
    This book..it was very different frm other books..like Bella and Edward hadnt dated anyone before they met each other and they were like soul mates..they had fallen in lov for the first time and all…but when Stepenie Meyer added Jacob-Bella Romance and other things,it really broke my heart..

  4. Belle

    I don't think you are crazy Priya. I think you are like a lot of us out there who long for a time when emotions ran deeper, when love ran deeper. A time when to say the words “I do” meant a lifetime of love, support and committment not “I'll see how it goes and I'll stay as long as no one better comes along”. I, too, love the characters of Edward and Bella. I am a woman in my 40's who has raised 3 children on my own since they were aged between 3 to 7. All I have known from men is infatuation, desire, the need to possess and control and the pride at having something attractive on their arm so I look at the character of Edward and wished a man like that could really exist. That a love like that could really exist. I don't see a love like that amongst my married or involved friends but I have seen it in some elderly couples so I know it can exist. So, like you, I read the books and watch the movies again and again so that for an hour or two I can escape and believe.
    Reading over this I think, maybe it is not you who is crazy but me.

  5. Priya

    Yeah Belle…I remember that scene..Jacob explaining to Bella that they had to b together right frm the beginning because of Renesmee..

    It might hav been better..if Stephenie had not brought in it the Jacob-Bella Romance…maybe something like inseparable Best friends..like frnds by soul or something who cannot b separated frm each other and cares for each other..and then realizes that they were so bonded with each other due to Renesmee.. (so that 'Bella & Jacob in lov with each other rubbish' could hav been avoided)..it would hav provided scope for the story to continue also..like ..Jake hates the Cullens anyway and it hurts him when he realizes that his bestfrnd is gonna marry a vampire and kill herself..and bella finds it very difficult to hurt her best frnd and cannot afford to lose him..but she cant liv without Edward either…and Edward is very upset because he thinks that Bella is hurting herself trying to choose between them( and Edward clearly knows that they r just Best Frnds) and becomes sort of possessive-well we can replace jealousy with possessiveness(that explains him restricting Bella frm going to La push)..
    I know that i sound like a lunatic..but when i watch movies or read things that upset me..i change the story into something i want it to b..the one i would hav enjoyed.

    And yes Belle..I wonder if Stephenie will write a book in which Jacob and Renesmee will hav a half-vampire-half werewolf child..Woah!!I wonder hw he/she would b..may b the child may possess various Vampire features and also an ability to phase when he wants to….It would b very very interesting..
    I know what u r thinking now Belle..
    U r thinking that i am crazy ,rite..? I dunno..I just like Edward and Bella so much ..they r the most ideal couple ..and i just dont like those scenes ruining it…ruining something so pure and perfect

  6. Belle

    I found it a bit odd, too, Priya. I realise there is nothing sexual in it until the one they imprint on is an adult but the fact that he was in love with Bella, fantasized about her and kissed her makes it a little weird! There was a part in Breaking Dawn where Jacob implies that it was Renesmee, from the womb, who kept him hanging around and kept Bella needing him around whilst she was pregnant - Chapter: Promise, page 451.
    I wonder if Stephenie Meyer will ever write a book about Renesmee and Jacob - do you realise that if they were to have children the baby would be part human, part werewolf and part vampire!!!!

  7. Priya

    U r right Belle..
    I would say that It was a big mistake frm Stephenie's part..
    'cause Edward's heart is Bella's and he could nevr imagine anyone else in Bella's place..Ur words r rite..He is so loyal and accepts her the way she is..he is truly committed to her..
    Bella..repeats over and over in the book that she loves Edward and cant liv without him..It makes her kind of fickle and less loyal to Edward,if she has space for someone else(no matter hw small that space in her heart might be for the other person)…If she truly lovd Edward,she would not hav even seen Jacob's face(like Quil says in breaking Dawn that he doesnt see the faces of other girls).I wonder ,Hw could she see anyone beside her true lov Edward who cares for her, loves her like.. no one has ever lovd anyone as much as he loves her..!!
    Abov all..dont u think its kind of wierd..Jacob imprinting on Renesmee..the man who has lovd her mother..Ew!!..its disgusting!!!

  8. Belle

    I have to say my opinion of Bella as a character went down when she has her realisation that she is in love with Jacob too. For me I think that if her love for Edward is as deep and meaningful as she narrates it then there would have been no room in her heart or eyes for another man. Edward, on the other hand, is unfailingly committed and loyal to Bella. The character of Edward loves and accepts Bella just as she is - clumsy, stubborn, shy etc What woman would not rejoice in being so wholeheartedly accepted and loved so devotedly by a man!!!

  9. Priya

    Absolutely Jo..I am so totally in agreement with u..there was no need for the bella-jacob romance thing..its so..so..i hav no words..edward and bella r pefect…but bella ..in lov with jake too…it makes me so miserable..it makes me like the book a little lesser too..actually it spoils my good mood if i read bella-jacob romance scenes..like the tent and all…the first book(twilight) is and will always b my fav..cause there is no interruption frm Jacob(I dont hate jake..i just hate Jacob-bella romance..their frndship is cool)..
    I like watching 'true lov' ie. first and only lov.
    this series would hav been perfect if stephenie hadnt spoilt it with this jacob-bella romance thing..urgh!

  10. Jo

    I agree! I dislike that in the book, Bella realizes that she's in love with Jacob too. Although not as much as Edward, I wished it was not the case in the first place. This complication makes me like the story lesser. I fast forward the Bella/Jacob pages too! They seem pointless. The first Twilight will always remain my favourite book/movie.

  11. nicole

    I thinkl robert patterson is so fine but he needs not to be with kirsten stewart that just makes him look ugly

  12. Priya

    You r right..no matter what Jacob Black does Bella's heart always belongs to Edward only..I like Bella-Jacob friendship scenes,but i totally loath those 'two scenes' beteween Jacob-Bella..when i read the book..I never read the scene in which Bella realizes that she is in love with Jake too(though not as much as with in with Edward)..it breaks my heart every time when I even think about that scene…I lov Edward-Bella…

  13. Jazmin

    Oh my goodness! That picture is SEXY!!! I love Robert Pattinson sooooooo much! I can't wait until the release of Eclipse. It's going to be great!