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Cannes Un Certain Regard: Manoel de Oliveira, 101, Xavier Dolan, 21

More from Cannes 2010. The Un Certain Regard sidebar promises to be about as interesting as – if not more interesting than – the main competition. What with Jean-Luc Godard's documentary Socialisme and Cristi Puiu's Aurora. Not to mention 101-year-old Manoel de Oliveira (Angelica) competing with 21-year-old Xavier Dolan (Heartbeats).

Tim Burton, President
Kate Beckinsale / Actress / United Kingdom
Giovanna Mezzogiorno / Actress / Italy
Alberto Barbera / Director National Museum of Cinema / Italy
Emmanuel Carrere / Writer / Scripwriter / Director / France
Benicio Del Toro / Actor / Puerto Rico
Victor Erice / Director / Spain
Shekhar Kapur / Director / Actor / Producer / India

Atom Egoyan, President / Director / Canada
Emmanuelle Devos / Actress / France
Dinara Droukarova / Actress / Russia
Carlos Diegues / Director / Brazil
Marc Recha / Director / Spain

Claire Denis, President / Director / France

Blue Valentine (dir. Derek Cianfrance)
O Estranho Caso de Angelica (Angelica) (dir. Manoel de Oliveira)
Les Amours Imaginaires (Heartbeats) (dir. Xavier Dolan)
Loza Los Labios (dir. Ivan Fund and Santiago Loza)
Simon Werner a Disparu… (dir. Fabrice Gobert)
Film Socialisme (dir. Jean-Luc Godard)
Unter Dir Die Stadt (The City Below) (dir. Christoph Hochhausler)
Rebecca H. (Return to the Dogs) (dir. Lodge Kerrigan)
Pal Adrienn (dir. Agnes Kocsis)
Udaan (dir. Vikramaditya Motwane)
Marti, Dupa Craciun (Tuesday, After Christmas) (dir. Radu Muntean)
Chatroom (dir. Hideo Nakata)
Aurora (dir. Cristi Puiu)
Ha Ha Ha (dir. Sang-soo Hong)
Life Above All (dir. Oliver Schmitz)
Octubre (dir. Daniel Vega)
R U There (dir. David Verbeek)
Rizhao Chongqing (Chongqing Blues) (dir. Xiaoshuai Wang)

Kaboom (dir. Gregg Araki)
L'Autre Monde (Blackhole) (dir. Gilles Marchand)

Inside Job (dir. Charles Ferguson)
Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow (dir. Sophie Fiennes)
Nostalgia de la Luz (Nostalgia For The Light) (dir. Patricio Guzman)
Draquila - L'Italia Che Trema (dir. Sabina Guzzanti)
Chantrapas (dir. Otar Iosseliani)
Abel (dir. Diego Luna)

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