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Carrie Fisher Shoots Down William Shatner: 'Star Wars' vs. 'Star Trek'

Star Wars' Carrie Fisher, 55, takes on Star Trek's William Shatner on this brief video. Shatner had been making humorously “disparaging” comparisons between Star Trek and Star Wars, with the former coming out on top. Whether or not you're a Star Trek and/or Star Wars nut or you couldn't care less about either movie/television franchise, this cleverly edited Carrie Fisher video is a hilarious must. Fisher delivers an Oscar worthy performance. In fact, she's better than most Oscar winners out there. [See also George Takei's defense of both Star Trek and Star Wars, while attacking their common enemy: Twilight]

Initially, Fisher rebuts Shatner's comparisons, saying “They're not in the same league! I mean, they have the word Star in the title …” Later on, she claims that “Bill has borrowed” Princess Lea's metal bikini. (It's unclear whether Shatner has actually sunbathed or gone to the mall wearing it.)

Fisher goes for the jugular when she says that Shatner's Star Trek costume is “the sort of outfit you would wear at a Sarah Palin roundup.” Can it get any lower than that? It can.

“And I hear that [Dick] Cheney likes Star Trek,” she adds.

Then Fisher very deliberately proceeds to tell us that Shatner had a kidney stone he eventually sold for $75,000. “Now, keep in mind. This is an item that … comes out of the person's … penis, ultimately, yes. And that, to me, has never been something erotic. 'Oh, is that out of William Shatner's penis? Did it finally come out? Oh, great!'"

Fisher also reveals that George Lucas allowed Shatner to don Darth Vader's costume at one point. “I'd never seen someone so excited. But he couldn't do it. He used to ask, you know, for line changes when you could never see his face, right?"

Fisher's Shatner sharp shooting comes to a close with her telling viewers: “So, here's the thing. If you see Bill Shatner … Call him Han Solo.”

The daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher had herself – in novelized form – played by Meryl Streep in Mike Nichols' Postcards from the Edge. Streep earned an Oscar nomination for her efforts. Shirley MacLaine had the Debbie Reynolds role.

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