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Cher-Christina Aguilera 'Burlesque' Disappoints

Stanley Tucci, Cher, Burlesque
Stanley Tucci, Cher in Steven Antin's Burlesque

Right on the heels of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 was Disney's animated 3D feature Tangled, which brought in an estimated $49.1 million at 3,603 sites in North America as reported at Box Office Mojo.

Thanks to 3D surcharges, Tangled's per-theater weekend average was higher than Harry Potter's: $13,628 vs. $12,205 (at 4,125 locations).

Directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, Tangled has scored $69 million since its Wednesday opening – and it's actually expected to top the U.S. and Canada box office today. Tangled's budget lay somewhere between $150-200 million.

At a distant no. 3, DreamWorks' animated 3D Megamind, featuring the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt, collected $12.85 million (down 19.8 percent). Total: $130.46 million. Cost: $130 million.

At no. 4, the Cher-Christina Aguilera musical Burlesque earned $11.8 million, averaging a disappointing $3,885 at 3,037 sites. Burlesque's five-day Thanksgiving weekend total was a modest $17.15 million.

There's no way Burlesque will be able to recover its reported $60 million budget (not including distribution/marketing costs) at the domestic box office.

At no. 5, Tony Scott's Unstoppable, starring Star Trek's Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, collected $11.75 million, down only 9.7 percent from last weekend. It's possible that Burlesque and Unstoppable will reverse positions when box office actuals are released on Monday.

Unstoppable, which cost $100m, has underperformed despite the many good reviews. Total after 17 days: $60.72 million.

Compounding matters, Unstoppable hasn't been doing all that great overseas, where it's taken in only $42.92 million. That's not surprising, as Denzel Washington's vehicles tend to perform better domestically than abroad and hardly ever pass the $100 million milestone internationally (American Gangster was a notable exception).

Photo: Burlesque (Stephen Vaughn / Sony Pictures)

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Cher, Christina Aguilera, Burlesque
Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, Love and Other Drugs
Cher, Christina Aguilera in Steven Antin's Burlesque (top); Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal in Edward Zwick's Love and Other Drugs (bottom)

Following Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Tangled, animated 3D holdover Megamind, featuring the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt, earned $5.25 million at a distant no. 3, according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo.

At no. 4, Tony Scott's Unstoppable, starring Star Trek's Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, collected $4.57 million. Unstoppable, which cost $100m, has performed rather languidly at the domestic box office. The generally well-received action-drama has taken in only $53.55 million after 15 days.

At no. 5, the Cher-Christina Aguilera musical Burlesque earned a so-so $4.5 million, averaging $1,482 at 3,037 sites. Its five-day Thanksgiving weekend total will at best match Sony's very conservative estimates of $17-18 million. Total after three days: $9.85 million.

At no. 6 was another new entry that also failed to set the domestic box office on fire: Edward Zwick's romantic comedy drama Love and Other Drugs, which stars Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Love and Other Drugs pulled in only $3.8 million at 2,455 sites, averaging a modest $1,548 per theater. Total since Wednesday: $7.95 million.

Performing even more sluggishly was CBS Films' ironically titled Faster, starring Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton. Faster scored only $3.22 million at 2,454 locations on Friday for a three-day total of $6.71 million. Its Friday average was only $1,315 per site.

Next in line was Todd Phillips' comedy Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis, which drew $2.85 million at no. 8.

Rounding out the top twelve were Paul Haggis-Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days with $1.8m, Harrison Ford-Diane Keaton-Rachel McAdams' Morning Glory with $1.59 million, Danny Boyle-James Franco's 127 Hours with $656,000, Naomi Watts-Sean Penn's Fair Game with $595,000.

Gone from last weekend's top-twelve were Greg Strause and Colin Strause's Skyline, Bruce Willis-Helen Mirren-Morgan Freeman's Red, Tyler Perry-Janet Jackson-Whoopi Goldberg's For Colored Girls, Diane Lane-John Malkovich's Secretariat, and Tod Williams' Paranormal Activity 2.

Among the top-twelve movies, Tangled — thanks to 3D surcharges – had the highest per-theater average, $5,468. Morning Glory had the lowest, $653.

Also among the top twelve, Fair Game posted the highest Thursday-to-Friday attendance-increase rate, up 174.2 percent. Due Date posted the lowest, up 63.8 percent.

Photo: Burlesque (Stephen Vaughn / Sony Pictures); Love and Other Drugs (20th Century Fox)

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