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CineKink San Francisco: 'The Auteur' & 'Cinderfella'

Belle de Nature by Maria Beatty
Kinky by A. Benjamin

CineKink San Francisco will take place from November 19-21 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Screening films include James Westby's The Auteur, a farcical comedy about has-been Italian erotica filmmaker Arturo Domingo's trip to Portland to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award; A. Benjamin's Kinky (above, lower photo), a 2008 documentary that explores sexuality issues among black Americans; and a couple of dozen shorts, including “Best of CineKink” selections Belle de Nature (above, top photo) by Maria Beatty, Kink, Inc. by Casey Clark, and At the Porno Shop by Michael Rehfield.

Of those, I've only seen The Auteur. Most of the humor eluded me, while the film promises more risque situations than it delivers. That said, The Auteur is worth a look thanks to its very clever and very funny climactic (in every sense of the word) moment, in which a group of US soldiers blast off together in Film Meister Arturo Domingo's subversive masterpiece “Full Metal Jackoff.”

More info/tickets: http://www.cinekink.com/tour/sf

Film schedule and information from the CineKink website:

Thursday, November 19th - 7:00 PM
This sometimes light-hearted, sometimes thought-provoking look at issues affecting the sexuality of Black Americans touches on religion, racism and relationships as it delves into the fascinating world of bondage, fetish and BDSM. (A. Benjamin, 2008, USA, 46 minutes) Plays with the short documentary BDSM: IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK.

Kink, Inc. by Casey Clark

Thursday, November 19th - 9:00 PM
WHIPS & RESTRAINT(Shorts Program)
A kinky collection of shorts that dip into the toy-bag and play with the dynamics of sexual power and release, control and submission. Program includes: GRAVUREN DESADE, BUTLER, IN THE CLOSET, 20 LICKS, VALLEY OF THE DOMMES, SERVING MADAME GINA and KINK, INC. (above)

Friday, November 20th - 7:00 PM
A colorfully pansexual mash-up of gender frolics, blurred boundaries, several pairs of Lycra bicycle shorts-and some very high style! Program includes: MISS JEZEBEL'S FEATHERS, DORIAN: A PICTURE, PRITCH AND PANCH DO… THE CINDERFELLA EXPERIENCE AT MISS VERA'S FINISHING SCHOOL and THE TOUR DE PANTS. (Plus, a surprise encore appearance of SISSIES GONE WILD! - with co-stars Sissy Stephanie and Sissy Carol in the house!)

Friday, November 20th - 9:00 PM
What is it that a woman wants? Most of the answers are infinitely varied, but the shorts in this celebration of female pleasure will help guide you in one generally appropriate direction. Program includes: TEAT BEAT OF SEX: 8-11, MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE DAY, BARCELONA SEX PROJECT: IRINA, CASE 1112: FORTY IS THE NEW 14, STRAP ON MOTEL and MATINEE.

The Auteur by James Westby

Saturday, November 21st - 7:00 PM
A mélange of romantic comedy and raunchy satire set in the world of adult film, this is the story of renowned porn director Arturo Domingo, the creative genius behind classics like 'Five Easy Nieces' and 'Requiem for a Wet Dream,' who has arrived in Portland, Oregon to receive a Lifetime Achievement award at a film festival. (James Westby, 2008, USA, 80 minutes) Plays with the darkly comic short JE DIS NON, ALI.

Saturday, November 21st - 9:00 PM
A special sampling of some of the hot shorts deemed the very best of CineKink, with jury-selected awards determined during the latest run of the annual festival. Program includes: AT THE PORNO SHOP, TEAT BEAT OF SEX: 8-11, UN PIEDE DI ROMAN POLANSKI, EROTIC, BELLE DE NATURE, RUBBERHEART and KINK, INC.

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  1. LonDommes

    I really enjoyed watching 'The 'Auteur', I defintiely recommend it.