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Clint Eastwood / Invisible Obama or No: RNC TV Ratings Plummet

Clint Eastwood Republican National Convention RNCClint Eastwood Lays an Egg at Republican National Convention

Clint Eastwood, a two-time Oscar-winning director (Unforgiven, 1992; Million Dollar Baby, 2004), bombed in more ways than one while talking to an empty seat at last night's Republican National Convention. Apart from the right-wing cable “news” channel Fox News, which was down only 2 percent, the overall television audience for the RNC's final day plummeted 31 percent from 2008, when the Republican circus ringmasters were John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Despite the tabloids' (and the tabloidized media's) emphasis on crucial issues such as Mitt Romney's good-looking son and Paul Ryan's abs (or lack thereof), only 25.3 million viewers – that's about 7.5 percent of the population of the United States – bothered to watch the right-wing show starring Romney, Ryan, and guest-starring Mystery Speaker Clint Eastwood, who reached a professional (and possibly personal) nadir while performing opposite an invisible Barack Obama. NBC and CNN suffered the steepest audience drops: 56 percent and 52 percent, respectively. [See also: Clint Eastwood Mystery Speaker RNC: What He'll NOT Say.]

Clint Eastwood: Trouble with the Curve

Clint Eastwood's upcoming movie is the baseball / family flick Trouble with the Curve, co-starring Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman. Robert Lorenz (assistant director in Eastwood's Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby) directed from a screenplay by newcomer Randy Brown. Trouble with the Curve opens on Sept. 21.

Source for the TV ratings data: Deadline.com.

Clint Eastwood picture: Getty Images.

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2 Comments to Clint Eastwood / Invisible Obama or No: RNC TV Ratings Plummet

  1. Mike's country

    Being a Citizen of the United States of America, I couldn't have been prouder of the courage of Mr. Eastwood to step into primetime tv and announce his allegiance to the party and conservatism. There is untold pressure from the leftist film industry to “toe the line” on liberal, socialist issues, to the point of driving many in Hollywood to be “closet conservatives”, not unlike the 1950's McCarthyism that pressured the communist party into hiding in the left coast hills.
    As with most of the world, you applaud Obama for his charisma. We don't need charisma, we need leadership. I'm tired of Obama humiliating these United States to the rest of the world.
    Maybe after this election, ex-President Obama will want to move to our closest socialist neighbor, Canada. He's never been a big fan of the United States anyway and I hear he's pretty good at running community organizations.

  2. Amy F.F.

    Being Canadian, I was simply outraged and stunned at the fact that an actor took it upon himself to try and humiliate the President. It backfired. Mr. Eastwood should keep acting and directing. If Mitt is so wonderful and the next miracle for the USA, why is everyone on his team trying so hard to humanize him? I along with many others applaud the intelligence and charisma of President Obama and wish him well.