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'Cosmopolis' Review: Robert Pattinson 'Bravery'

Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis Sarah Gadon
Cosmopolis movie: Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon

Mathieu Carratier has written a highly positive Cosmopolis film review for Premiere magazine, praising the movie itself, director-writer David Cronenberg, and star Robert Pattinson. Cosmopolis is in competition for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It'll be screened on May 25.

Carratier begins his Cosmopolis commentary by remarking that whether or not he appreciates David Cronenberg's recent work – one assumes he means more accessible fare such as the Viggo Mortensen trilogy: A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and A Dangerous Method – he was “seriously missing” the Cronenberg of (no-holds-barred) movies such as Crash and Videodrome.

But not to worry. “Pop open the champagne,” exults Carratier, “because he's back in every Cosmopolis shot.”

Cronenberg himself wrote the Cosmopolis screenplay – reportedly in six days, and his first for a feature film since eXistenZ (1999). The plot is based on Don DeLillo's novel about a fateful day in the life of a young New York City multibillionaire, Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson). As described by Carratier, Packer is “haunted by a question that is never formulated: Can someone who has everything still desire something else?” (A haircut, maybe?)

Carratier continues: “Cronenberg has made sure that all his obsessions mark out the route, be they intellectual (the search for “another” reality) or physical (at the end of a scene that will make people talk, Packer learns that his prostate is asymmetrical). Enthroned in the back seat of his limousine, Robert Pattinson reveals a depth that becomes increasingly more fascinating as his character approaches the abyss. In the last moments, the fear that takes over his face isn't only that of an antihero arriving at the point of no return; it's also the fear of an actor testing his limits with unsuspected bravery. A feverish and decadent ride through hell, Cosmopolis proves he's not yet close to reaching them.”

Cronenberg's Crash – not to be confused with Paul Haggis' 2005 Best Picture Oscar winner – was screened at Cannes in 1996. Based on J.G. Ballard's novel about human relationships, kinky sex, car crashes, and mutilated bodies, Crash won a Special Jury Prize. When the prize was handed out, Cannes Official Competition jury president Francis Ford Coppola had to explain that several jury members were adamantly against the selection. Some in the audience agreed, as (a clearly irate) Cronenberg was booed when he got onstage.

And here's an interesting David Cronenberg comment regarding movie directors:

“If you don't enjoy some element of voyeurism, then you're in the wrong business. Every day, the set was charged with sexuality, and there is a deliciousness in ignoring it, in having a professional distance. Even when there isn't any overt sexuality in front of the camera, a film set is a very sexually charged place. You're never surprised that strange people have affairs. You're just as likely to want to have sex with the props person as the leading lady. And one does. Later, you realize that these are things that should be enjoyed but not acted upon.”

Besides Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis features A Dangerous Method's Sarah Gadon, Chocolat's Juliette Binoche, Rock of Ages' Paul Giamatti, Elizabeth: The Golden Age's Samantha Morton, I Am Number Four's Kevin Durand, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet's Mathieu Amalric, The Black Marks' Jay Baruchel, The Trotsky's Emily Hampshire, and K'Naan.

Robert Pattinson has two other movies coming out in 2012: Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan's Bel Ami, currently available on VOD in the US, and co-starring Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, and Christina Ricci; and Bill Condon's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, in which Pattinson is reunited for the last time with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Additionally, Robert Pattinson has reportedly signed on to star in Mission: Blacklist and The Rover.

David Cronenberg has several rumored projects in the works, including a sequel to Eastern Promises and a remake of his own The Fly (1986), which starred Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. As per the IMDb, other projects include As She Climbed Across the Table, The Matarese Circle, League of Monster Slayers, and London Fields.

Cosmopolis review via strictlyrobsten. David Cronenberg quote: The Canadian Encyclopedia. Robert Pattinson / Sarah Gadon / Cosmopolis picture: eOne Entertainment.

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  1. xxx

    Robert Pattinson will blow you out the Water…French Critics are swooning over his performance

  2. California

    It is nice to read a review about Robert Pattinson that does not compare his performance to The Twilight Saga. Since we Twihards know he can act, the good review comes as no surprise.