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Dennis Hopper Terminally Ill

Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rosselini in Blue Velvet
Dennis Hopper, Isabella Rosselini in Blue Velvet

Dennis Hopper, a late '60s icon thanks to the biker movie Easy Rider, is terminally ill with prostate cancer, according to reports.

The revelation was made public after his attorney declared the 73-year-old actor-director could not be questioned by his wife's attorneys in a deposition.

Dennis and Victoria Hopper have been in litigation since the former filed for divorce in January. The couple had been married for 14 years. In court filings, Victoria has claimed that her husband wanted the divorce so as to cut her out of her inheritance. Hopper denies that.

With his doctor's permission, Hopper is scheduled to be present at a ceremony celebrating his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday. His doctor reasoned it would be a “positive experience.”

During a career that spans more than five decades, Hopper has appeared in nearly 200 movies and television productions. In addition to Easy Rider, which he co-wrote (with co-star Peter Fonda), directed, and starred in, Hopper's most notable film efforts are George Stevens' Giant (1956), excellent as Rock Hudson's “weak” son; the ill-fated 1971 production The Last Movie; and Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979), in which he has a supporting role as a photojournalist.

In 1986, Dennis Hopper briefly resurfaced as a talent to be reckoned due to two scene-stealing performances: as a redeemable drunk in David Anspaugh's feel-good small-town drama Hoosiers, for which Hopper received a best supporting actor Oscar nomination, and as an unredeemable sadist in David Lynch's feel-weird small-town drama Blue Velvet – for which Hopper should have received a best supporting actor Oscar nomination.

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