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Joel and Ethan Coen: DGA Winners

2008 DGA feature film nominations: Jan. 8, '08. Documentary and television nominations: Jan. 10, '08

2008 DGA award winners: Jan. 26, '08

("*" denotes the winner in each category)


Paul Thomas Anderson - There Will Be Blood (Paramount Vantage)
Unit Production Manager: Daniel Lupi
First Assistant Director: Adam Somner
Second Assistant Directors: Eric Lasko, Ian Stone, Richard Oswald Second Second Assistant Director: Jenny Nolan

* Joel Coen and Ethan Coen - No Country for Old Men (Miramax Films and Paramount Vantage)
Unit Production Manager: Robert J. Graf
First Assistant Director: Betsy Magruder Second Assistant Director: Bac DeLorme Second Second Assistant Director: Jai James

Tony Gilroy - Michael Clayton (Warner Bros.)
Unit Production Manager: Christopher Goode First Assistant Director: Steve Apicella
Second Assistant Director: Michael Pitt
Second Second Assistant Directors: Matt Power, Jason Ivey

Sean Penn - Into the Wild (Paramount Vantage)
Unit Production Manager: John J. Kelly
First Assistant Director: David Webb
Second Assistant Director: Dylan Hopkins Second Second Assistant Directors: John R. Saunders, Ian Calip

Julian Schnabel - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Miramax Films)
Unit Production Managers: Stéphan Guillemet, A.F.R., Jon Kilik First
Assistant Director: Stéphane Gluck, A.F.A.R.
Second Assistant Director: Mathilde Cavillan



Ken Burns & Lynn Novick - The War (Florentine Films)

Alex Gibney - Taxi to the Dark Side (Jigsaw Productions)

* Asger Leth - Ghosts of Cite Soleil (Sony BMG Feature Films)

Richard E. Robbins - Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (The Documentary Group)

Barbet Schroeder - Terror's Advocate (Magnolia Pictures)




Jon Avnet - The Starter Wife (USA)
First Assistant Director: Linda Montanti

Jeremiah Chechik - The Bronx Is Burning (ESPN)
Unit Production Manager: Michael Bederman
First Assistant Directors: Philip Patterson, Harvey Waldman
Second Assistant Directors: Richard E. White, Amy Lynn

Lloyd Kramer - Oprah Winfrey Presents Mitch Albom's For One More Day (ABC)
Unit Production Manager: M. Blair Breard
First Assistant Director: Christo Morse
Second Assistant Director: Annie Tan
Second Second Assistant Director: Nick Vanderpool

Mikael Salomon - The Company (TNT)
Unit Production Manager: John M. Eckert
First Assistant Director: Michael Zimbrich

* Yves Simoneau - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (HBO)
Unit Production Manager - US: Chrisann Verges
First Assistant Director - US: Cas Donovan
Second Assistant Director - US: Adam Martin



Jack Bender - Lost ("Through the Looking Glass") (ABC)
Unit Production Manager: Pat Churchill
First Assistant Director: Richard Peter Schroer
Second Assistant Director: Meta Valentic
Second Second Assistant Director: Wainani Young Tomich

David Chase - The Sopranos ("Made in America") (HBO)
Unit Production Manager: Ilene S. Landress
First Assistant Director: Jeff Bernstein
Second Assistant Director: Nancy Herrmann
Second Second Assistant Director: Charlie Foster
Additional Second Second Assistant Director: Selena Beal
DGA Trainee: Marcos Gonzalez Palma

Eric Laneuville - Lost ("The Brig") (ABC)
Unit Production Manager: Pat Churchill
First Assistant Director: Richard Peter Schroer
Second Assistant Director: Meta Valentic
Second Second Assistant Director: Michael J. Musteric
Additional Second Second Assistant Director: Steven E. Simon

* Alan Taylor - Mad Men ("When Smoke Gets in Your Eyes") (Pilot) ("AMC")
Unit Production Manager: Scott Hornbacher
First Assistant Director: Mark McGann
Second Assistant Director: Maggie Murphy
Second Second Assistant Director: John Silvestri

Tim Van Patten - The Sopranos ("Sopranos Home Movies") (HBO)
Unit Production Manager: Henry J. Bronchtein, Ilene S. Landress
First Assistant Director: John E. Gallagher
Second Assistant Director: Peter Soldo
Second Second Assistant Director: Charlie Foster
Additional Second Second Assistant Director: Henri Sann
DGA Trainee: Kathleen Mulligan



Michael Engler - 30 Rock ("Rosemary's Baby")(NBC)
Unit Production Manager: Diana Schmidt
First Assistant Director: Chris Swartout
Second Assistant Director: Jane Ferguson

David Grossman - Desperate Housewives ("Something's Coming") (ABC)
Unit Production Manager: Charles Skouras III
First Assistant Director: Tom Irvine
Second Assistant Director: John LaBrucherie
Second Second Assistant Director: Efrain Cortes
Additional Second Second Assistant Director: Richard E. White

Beth Mccarthy-Miller - 30 Rock ("Somebody to Love") (NBC)
Unit Production Manager: Diana Schmidt
First Assistant Director: Stephen Lee Davis
Second Assistant Director: Bellamy Forrest
Second Second Assistant Director: Brendan Walsh

David Nutter - Entourage ("The Resurrection") (HBO)
Unit Production Manager: Wayne Carmona
First Assistant Director: Gary Goldman
Second Assistant Director: Vernon Davidson
Second Second Assistant Director: John LaBrucherie

* Barry Sonnenfeld - Pushing Daisies ("Pie-lette") (ABC)
Unit Production Manager: Gabriela Vazquez
First Assistant Director: Chris Soldo
Second Assistant Director: Greg Hale
Second Second Assistant Director: Renee Hill-Sweet



Jerry Foley - Late Show with David Letterman - Show 2773 (CBS)
Associate Directors: Randi Grossack, Jessica Santini, Louise A. Galante, Charles Dyer
Stage Managers: James Henderson, Frank Comito, Mark Dicso, Edward Valk

Louis J. Horvitz - The 79th Annual Academy Awards (ABC)
Associate Directors: Jim Tanker, Rita Blye, Tim Kettle, Mike Polito, Richard Pruess, Deborah Read, Robb Wagner, Ronni Fisher, Anne M. Rickey
Stage Managers: Garry W. Hood, Denny Barry, Rita Cossette, John Esposito, Valdez Flagg, Arthur Lewis, Dency Nelson, Ron Paul, Vince Poxon, Jason Seligman, Rob Sellers Jr., Doug Smith, David Wader, David H. Kelmachter, Erik R. Kunzelman

Jim Hoskinson - The Colbert Report 3052 (Comedy Central)
Associate Director: Yvonne DeMare
Stage Managers: Mark McKenna

Chuck O'Neil - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
Associate Director: Paul A.J. Pennolino
Stage Manager: Craig L. Spinney

* Glenn Weiss - The 61st Annual Tony Awards (CBS)
Associate Directors: Gregg M. Gelfand, Robin Mishkin Abrams, Ken Diego, Ricky Kirshner
Stage Managers: Garry W. Hood, Peter Epstein, Andrew Feigin, Lynn Finkel, Doug Fogel, Jeffry Gitter, Dean Gordon, Arthur Lewis, Tony Mirante, Jeff Pearl, Rose Riggins, Lauren Class Schneider



Craig Borders - Who Wants To Be A Superhero ("Episode #208") (Sci-Fi)
Stage Manager: Thomas Goodrich

Tony Croll - Shooting Sizemore ("Episode #101") (VH-1)

Scott Messick - Pros vs. Joes ("Episode #201") (Spike)
Associate Director: Andrew E. Nelson

Tony Sacco - Project Runway ("Fashion Giant, 403") (Bravo)
Associate Director: Paul Hogan

* Bertram Van Munster - The Amazing Race ("Episode #1110") (CBS)
Segment Director: Evan Weinstein



* Larry Carpenter - One Life to Live ("Episode #9947") (ABC)
Associate Director: Teresa Anne Cicala
Stage Managers: Alan P. Needleman, Keith Greer
Production Associate: Anthony Wilkinson

Casey Childs - All My Children ("Episode #9669") (ABC)
Associate Directors: Shirley Simmons, Barbara M. Simmons, Anthony Pascarelli
Stage Managers: Rusty Swope, Penny Bergman, Martin Fritz Brekeller, Brendan Higgins
Production Associates: Jennifer Minda, Marika Brancato

Christopher Goutman - As the World Turns ("Episode #12971") (CBS)
Associate Directors: Michael Kerner, Carol Sedwick, Janet Andrews
Stage Managers: Nancy Barron, Jennifer Blood
Production Associates: Brett Hellman, Alexandra Verner Roalsvig

Scott Mckinsey - General Hospital ("Episode #11228") (ABC)
Associate Directors: Penny Pengra, Christine Magarian, Ron Cates, Pete Fillmore, RC Cates, David MacLeod
Stage Managers: Craig McManus, Crystal Craft, Michele Azenzer
Production Associates: Lisa Kaseff, Denise Van Cleave, Christine Cooper

Ellen Wheeler - Guiding Light ("Episode #15221") (CBS)
Associate Directors/Stage Managers: Chris Cullen, David Brandon
Production Associates: David Brandon, Kelly Jobmann



* Paul Hoen - Jump In (Disney Channel)

Kenny Ortega - High School Musical 2 (Disney Channel)
Unit Production Manager: Donald R. Schain
First Assistant Directors: Martin Jedlicka
Second Assistant Director: Robert Reeves
Second Second Assistant Director: Brent Geisler

Fred Savage - Wizards of Waverly Place ("The Crazy 10 Minute Sale") (Disney Channel)
Unit Production Manager: Greg Hampson
First Assistant Director: Guy Distad
Second Assistant Director: Ron Moseley

Judith Vogelsang - Going Green ("Every Home An Eco-Home") (PBS)
Unit Production Manager: Dessa Kaye

Andy Wolk - Lincoln Heights ("That Feeling That We Have") (ABC Family)
Unit Production Manager: John Scherer
First Assistant Director: Mark Lyon
Second Assistant Director: Carla Bowen



Dante Ariola
Production Company: MJZ
Grenade, Playstation 3 - TBWA/Chiat Day
Unit Production Manager: Brady Vant Hull
First Assistant Director: Dave Dean
Flare, Wrigley's - Energy BBDO
Unit Production Manager: Natalie Gillian Hill
First Assistant Director: Dave Dean
Second Assistant Director: Carl Jackson
Addicted, Nike - Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Unit Production Manager: Natalie Gillian Hill
First Assistant Directors: Dave Dean, John Mattern
Second Assistant Director: Zaida Fakih
Second Second Assistant Director: Darren Maynard

Fredrik Bond
Production Company: MJZ
Straw, Milk - Goodby
First Assistant Director: Craig H. Owens
Second Assistant Director: Eric Topp
Aviator, JC Penney - Saachi & Saachi NY

Frank Budgen
Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises
Playdoh, Sony Bravia - Fallon
First Assistant Director: Michael C. Bigwood
Second Assistant Director: Mark Kaufmann
Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises /Anonymous Content
S.O.S., Save Our Selves/Live Earth - Young & Republicam
First Assistant Director: Jack W. Fitch
Second Assistant Director: Marc Vance
Second Second Assistant Director: Mike Carlson

* Nicolai Fuglsig
Production Company MJZ UK
Tipping Point, Guinness - BBDO
It's Magic, JC Penney - Saachi & Saachi NY
First Assistant Director: Thomas Smith
Second Assistant Director: Kate Greenberg
Journey, Motorola - AMV BBDO

Noam Murro
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Night Drive, VW Golf - DDB London
Unit Production Manager: Jay Veal
First Assistant Director: Michael Dignum
Second Assistant Director: Michael Saffie
Second Second Assistant Director: Eric Schneider
Affair, Orbit Gum - BBDO Chicago
Unit Production Manager: Jay Veal
First Assistant Director: Gary Feil
Second Assistant Director: Wendy Oakes
Remember, NBA - Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Unit Production Manager: Jay Veal
First Assistant Director: Michael Salven
Second Assistant Director: Robert E. Kay


Honorary Life Member Award: Jay D. Roth

Frank Capra Achievement Award (for an Assistant Director or Unit Production Manager): Liz Ryan

Franklin J. Schaffner Achievement Award (for an Associate Director or Stage Manager): Barbara J. Roche

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