'The Hot Rock' & 'Cops and Robbers': Donald E. Westlake Tribute at the Aero

The American Cinematheque will present a memorial tribute to writer Donald E. Westlake, who died last December, with a screening of two films based on his novels, The Hot Rock and Cops and Robbers, on Thursday, March 12, at 7:30 pm at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

I haven't seen Cops and Robbers, but I remember finding the caper comedy The Hot Rock quite enjoyable. Directed by Peter Yates from an Academy Award-nominated screenplay by William Goldman, The Hot Rock stars Robert Redford and George Segal as jewel thieves attempting – and generally failing at – the perfect heist.

Schedule/info from the American Cinematheque:

Thursday, March 12 - 7:30 PM

THE HOT ROCK, 1972, 20th Century Fox, 101 min. Dir. Peter Yates. William Goldman adapts Donald Westlake's hilarious caper novel, a farce in which a gang of jewel thieves botch every aspect of their planned heist. Robert Redford and George Segal lead a stellar cast that also includes Zero Mostel and Charlotte Rae in this ingenious action-comedy.

COPS AND ROBBERS, 1973, MGM Repertory, 89 min. Dir. Aram Avakian. Cliff Gorman and Joseph Bologna play a pair of New York cops who feel smothered by the financial and social demands of their miserable lives. Their solution: an ingenious securities rip-off designed to buy their freedom. Adapting his own novel, Donald Westlake provides an effective combination of social satire and caper film, all set to a terrific score by the legendary Michel Legrand.

Aero Theatre 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403

www.americancinematheque.com - 323.466.FILM - tickets: www.fandango.com

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1 Comment to 'The Hot Rock' & 'Cops and Robbers': Donald E. Westlake Tribute at the Aero

  1. curson

    The Hot Rock is fun. There were others movies like that in the 70s. The Sting and others. They should make more movies like that today.