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Eddie Murphy NOT Dead & 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series Project

Eddie Murphy dead Beverly Hills Cop TV seriesEddie Murphy dead?
Eddie Murphy Dead? Then who's hawking 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series?

If Eddie Murphy were dead – according to online rumors Murphy died (again) in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland – he would not be planning to turn his “classic” (between quotes) 1984 comedy Beverly Hills Cop into a television show. Vulture reports that Murphy, The Shield creator Shawn Ryan, and Sony Pictures Television will be joining forces to bring the fish-out-of-water cop Axel Foley – and/or his son and/or a cop buddy – to the small screen.

In addition to acting as the show's executive producer, Murphy will apparently also act as an actor on the pilot and make special appearances on the show. Who is going to be cast as the Son of Beverly Hills Cop and his buddy remain a mystery.

We'll soon find out if Murphy will be luckier on the small screen than he has been on the big one (A Thousand Words, Tower Heist). Another Eddie Murphy venture that didn't pan out was his Academy Awards hosting gig, following the departure of Oscarcast co-producer Brett Ratner.

Eddie Murphy dead?

People can't be that stupid. Or perhaps they can. This “Eddie Murphy Dead” hoax has been around for several years. Murphy and other celebrities – Adam Sandler, Rihanna, Benito Mussolini – are killed on a daily basis on websites whose owners know exactly what to do to get search-engine-friendly linkbacks.

Summing it up: Eddie Murphy ain't dead. Beverly Hills Cop 4, however, is. And that's not such a bad thing.

Directed by Tony Scott, Beverly Hills Cop was one of the biggest blockbusters of the '80s. The two sequels weren't as popular as the original, and received mostly negative reviews.

Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop Alex Foley image: Paramount Pictures.

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