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Elizabeth Taylor Diamond & Jewelry Collection Breaks Auction Record

Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring jewelry and Richard Burton: Record-setting exorbitant auction saleElizabeth Taylor diamond ring & jewelry collection fetch exorbitant amounts. Richard Burton was a long-ago “contributor.” Besides being wife and husband a couple of times, Taylor and Burton were also co-stars in ten films, in addition to a TV movie. On the big screen: Cleopatra (1963), The V.I.P.s (1963), The Sandpiper (1965), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), The Taming of the Shrew (1967), The Comedians (1967), Doctor Faustus (1967), Boom! (1968), Under Milk Wood (1972), and Hammersmith Is Out (1972). On the small screen: Divorce His, Divorce Hers (1973). Additionally, Elizabeth Taylor has a cameo in the Richard Burton star vehicle Anne of the Thousand Days (1969).

Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring and other pieces of jewelry break auction record

Two-time Best Actress Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor (Butterfield 8, 1960; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1966), who died of congestive heart failure at age 79 on March 23 in Los Angeles, was known for wearing diamonds the size of icebergs.

Unsurprisingly, the Elizabeth Taylor jewelry collection – including her notorious North Pole-sized diamond ring – fetched a record-setting $115 million this past Dec. 13 at Christie's in New York City.

Multi-carat diamond ring & Michael Jackson gift

For starters, the 33.19-carat diamond ring given her by two-time husband Richard Burton (Taylor and Burton were married and divorced twice) fetched $8.81 million.

Another trinket Taylor received from Burton – a pearl, diamond, and ruby necklace known as “La Peregrina” – went for $11.84 million. That's a world record, as per an Associated Press report.

Also at the Elizabeth Taylor jewelry auction was a diamond bracelet Michael Jackson bought his actress-friend: it sold for $194,500.

An unspecified percentage of the proceeds from the auction will reportedly go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, established in 1991.

Five Best Actress Academy Award nominations

The London-born Elizabeth Taylor (on Feb. 27, 1932) was nominated for a total of five Best Actress Academy Awards. Her win for Butterfield 8 came on the heels of a tracheotomy; her win for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? came on the heels of some excellent acting.

Elizabeth Taylor movies

Below are a few other key Elizabeth Taylor films. On the big screen, Taylor was active from 1942 (There's One Born Every Minute) to 1980 (The Mirror Crack'd).

There would be two comebacks: Franco Zeffirelli's Young Toscanini (1988), as one-time opera singer Nadina Bulichoff, and a cameo as Pearl Slaghoople in Brian Levant's The Flintstones (1994).

Check out another December 2011 Old Hollywood auction: Orson Welles' Oscar statuette.


Elizabeth Taylor movies' info via the IMDb.

Elizabeth Taylor Sweet Bird of Youth image: NBC.

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