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'Fanny and Alexander' & 'Gone with the Wind': Recommended on DVD

Fanny and Alexander DVD Ingmar Bergman outstanding classic'Fanny and Alexander' DVD: Bertil Guve and Pernilla Allwin in outstanding Ingmar Bergman classic.

Ingmar Bergman 1982 classic 'Fanny and Alexander' gets special DVD set

In Nov. 2004, the Criterion Collection released a special five-disc set of Ingmar Bergman's final feature film, the 1982 classic Fanny and Alexander / Fanny och Alexander. The psychological family drama won a number of international awards, including the 1983 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

Criterion's DVD set includes both the three-hour theatrical version of Fanny and Alexander, and the five-hour version – which Bergman himself prefers – that was originally shown on Swedish television. Extras include a “making of” documentary and a 1984 interview with the director for Swedish TV.

'Short Cuts' Criterion DVD

Another late 2004 Criterion release is Robert Altman's multi-storied 1993 comedy-drama Short Cuts, for which Altman received his fourth Best Director Academy Award nomination. Short Cuts' extensive cast includes the following:

Julianne Moore. Jack Lemmon. Matthew Modine. Madeleine Stowe. Andie MacDowell. Bruce Davison. Tim Robbins. Anne Archer. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Peter Gallagher. Robert Downey Jr. Lyle Lovett. Buck Henry. Chris Penn. Lily Tomlin. Lili Taylor. Lori Singer. Tom Waits. Annie Ross. Frances McDormand. Huey Lewis. Robert DoQui.

Short Cuts DVD extras include a “making of” documentary and a PBS bio of author Raymond Carver, whose stories served as the basis for Altman's film.

For the record, Robert Altman has been shortlisted for a total of five Best Director Oscars:

'Gone with the Wind' four-disc DVD set

And finally, a four-disc special edition of Gone with the Wind, the 1939 blockbuster and Best Picture Oscar winner based on Margaret Mitchell's sprawling novel about love in times of Civil War, is another important late 2004 DVD release – courtesy of Warner Bros. The DVD set includes an interview with the sole surviving star of the David O. Selznick / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production: eventual two-time Best Actress Oscar winner Olivia de Havilland (To Each His Own, 1946; The Heiress, 1949).

Directed by (George Cukor replacement) Victor Fleming, with some assistance from Sam Wood and William Cameron Menzies, besides de Havilland Gone with the Wind features:

Best Actress Oscar winner Vivien Leigh. Clark Gable. Leslie Howard. Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel. Thomas Mitchell. Ona Munson. Barbara O'Neil. Evelyn Keyes. Jane Darwell. Ann Rutherford. Laura Hope Crews. Butterfly McQueen. Harry Davenport. George Reeves. Victor Jory. Fred Crane. Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson. Ward Bond. Mary Anderson. Alicia Rhett.


Image of Bertil Guve and Pernilla Allwin in Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander: The Criterion Collection.

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