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FBI Says No Marilyn Monroe Sex Film

Marilyn MonroeFrom NBC News Senior Investigative Producer Jim Popkin:

“The FBI does not have a pornographic home movie of actress Marilyn Monroe in its files and never did, FBI officials tell NBC News. Document analysts at the FBI have completed a manual search of FBI records and found no evidence of the film.

“'The records show no indication we ever had such a film,' said David Hardy, who organized the search and is chief of the FBI Record/Information Dissemination Section. Hardy said six or seven FBI analysts spent a total of '32 man hours' reading through paper documents at the FBI's records center in Alexandria, Va., and did not find anything indicating that the FBI has or ever had a Marilyn Monroe sex film.

“The FBI's fruitless search casts doubt on claims by New York memorabilia dealer Keya Morgan, who told countless media organizations on April 14 that the FBI had obtained a copy of the sex film in the 1960s. Morgan told NBC News and other networks and newspapers that nine FBI agents and the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover himself had spent weeks poring over the film, trying to establish the identity of the man who supposedly engaged in a sex act with Monroe in the 15-minute black-and-white movie.”


Several weeks ago, Morgan grabbed international headlines after telling reporters that while researching a documentary on the death of Marilyn Monroe he had gotten hold of the sex film by way of the son of a former FBI informant. Morgan also claims that the alleged sex tape – no one has been able to confirm its existence – was sold for $1.5 million to a rich New York businessman. No one has been able to confirm the existence of the rich New Yorker either, for he “chooses to remain anonymous.”

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  1. Lopus

    No sex film? Why am I not surprised?