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Ethiopia Tragedy Tops Pan-African Film Festival Awards

2009 Pan-African FESPACO Film Festival: Burkina Faso, in March 2009

Set during Mengistu Haile Mariam's 1974-1991 blood-soaked rule in Ethiopia, Haile Gerima's Teza won the top prize at the 2009 Pan-African FESPACO film festival in Burkina Faso. In the film, a medical research scientist trained in Europe returns full of hope to Ethiopia, but once there his efforts are violently put to rest.


Golden Stallion: Teza by Haile Gerima (Ethiopia)

Silver Stallion: Nothing But the Truth by John Kani (South Africa)

Bronze Stallion: Mascarades by Lyes Salem (Algeria)

Oumarou Ganda Prize: Missa Hebie for The Armchair / Le Fauteuil (Burkina Faso)

Best Actress: Sana Mouziane for Les Jardins de Samira (Morocco)

Best Actor: Rapulana Seiphemo for Jerusalema (South Africa)

Best Screenplay: Mama Keita for L'Absence (Guinea)

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