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Oscar 2008: Best Foreign Language Film Submissions

A record 63 countries, including newcomers Azerbaijan and Ireland, have submitted films for consideration in the Foreign Language Film category for the 80th Academy Awards.

(See Oscar 2008: Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist)


The 2007 submissions are:

XXY by Lucia Puenzo
Argentina, “XXY,” Lucia Puenzo, director;

Joan Chen in The Home Song Stories by Tony Ayres
Australia, “The Home Song Stories,” Tony Ayres, director;

The Counterfeiters by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Austria, “The Counterfeiters,” Stefan Ruzowitzky, director;

Caucasia by Farid Gumbatov

Azerbaijan, “Caucasia,” Farid Gumbatov, director;

On the Wings of Dreams by Golam Rabbany Biplob
Bangladesh, “On the Wings of Dreams,” Golam Rabbany Biplob, director;

Ben X by Nic Balthazar
Belgium, “Ben X,” Nic Balthazar, director;

It's Hard to Be Nice by Srdan Vuletic
Bosnia and Herzegovina, “It's Hard to Be Nice,” Srdan Vuletic,director;

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation by Cao Hamburger
Brazil, “The Year My Parents Went on Vacation,” Cao Hamburger, director;

Warden of the Dead by Ilian Simeonov
Bulgaria, “Warden of the Dead,” Ilian Simeonov, director;

Days of Darkness by Denys Arcand
Canada, “Days of Darkness,” Denys Arcand, director;

Padre Nuestro by Rodrigo Sepulveda
Chile, “Padre Nuestro,” Rodrigo Sepulveda, director;

The Knot by Yin Li
China, “The Knot,” Yin Li, director;

Satanas by Andi Baiz
Colombia, “Satanas,” Andi Baiz, director;

Armin by Ognjen Svilicic
Croatia, “Armin,” Ognjen Svilicic, director;

The Silly Age by Pavel Giroud
Cuba, “The Silly Age,” Pavel Giroud, director;

Julia Jentsch in I Served the King of England by Jiri Menzel
Czech Republic, “I Served the King of England,” Jiri Menzel,director;

The Art of Crying by Peter Schonau Fog
Denmark, “The Art of Crying,” Peter Schonau Fog, director;

In the Heliopolis Flat by Mohamed Khan
Egypt, “In the Heliopolis Flat,” Mohamed Khan, director;

The Class by Ilmar Raag
Estonia, “The Class,” Ilmar Raag, director;

A Man's Job by Aleksi Salmenpera
Finland, “A Man's Job,” Aleksi Salmenpera, director;

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
France, “Persepolis,” Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud, directors;

The Russian Triangle by Aleko Tsabadze
Georgia, “The Russian Triangle,” Aleko Tsabadze, director;

The Edge of Heaven by Fatih Akin
Germany, “The Edge of Heaven,” Fatih Akin, director;

Eduart by Angeliki Antoniou
Greece, “Eduart,” Angeliki Antoniou, director;

Exiled by Johnnie To
Hong Kong, “Exiled,” Johnnie To, director;

Taxidermia by Gyorgy Palfi
Hungary, “Taxidermia,” Gyorgy Palfi, director;

Jar City by Baltasar Kormakur
Iceland, “Jar City,” Baltasar Kormakur, director;

Eklavya - The Royal Guard by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
India, “Eklavya - The Royal Guard,” Vidhu Vinod Chopra, director;

Denias, Singing on the Cloud by John De Rantau
Indonesia, “Denias, Singing on the Cloud,” John De Rantau, director;

M for Mother by Rasoul Mollagholipour
Iran, “M for Mother,” Rasoul Mollagholipour, director;

Jani Gal by Jamil Rostami
Iraq, “Jani Gal,” Jamil Rostami, director;

Colm Meaney in Kings by Tom Collins
Ireland, “Kings,” Tom Collins, director;

Beaufort by Joseph Cedar
Israel, “Beaufort,” Joseph Cedar, director;

Kseniya Rappoport  in The Unknown by Giuseppe Tornatore
Italy, “The Unknown,” Giuseppe Tornatore, director;

I Just Didn't Do It by Masayuki Suo
Japan, “I Just Didn't Do It,” Masayuki Suo, director;

Mongol by Sergei Bodrov
Kazakhstan, “Mongol,” Sergei Bodrov, director;

Jeon Do-yeon in Secret Sunshine by Chang-dong Lee
Korea, “Secret Sunshine,” Chang-dong Lee, director;

Nadine Labaki in Caramel
Lebanon, “Caramel,” Nadine Labaki, director;

Little Secrets by Pol Cruchten
Luxembourg, “Little Secrets,” Pol Cruchten, director;

Shadows by Milcho Manchevski
Macedonia, “Shadows,” Milcho Manchevski, director;

Silent Light by Carlos Reygadas
Mexico, “Silent Light,” Carlos Reygadas, director;

Duska by Jos Stelling
The Netherlands, “Duska,” Jos Stelling, director;

Gone with the Woman by Petter Naess
Norway, “Gone with the Woman,” Petter Naess, director;

Crossing a Shadow by Augusto Tamayo
Peru, “Crossing a Shadow,” Augusto Tamayo, director;

Donsol by Adolfo Alix, Jr.
Philippines, “Donsol,” Adolfo Alix Jr., director;

Katyn by Andrzej Wajda
Poland, “Katyn,” Andrzej Wajda, director;

Bulle Ogier in Belle toujours by Manoel de Oliveira
Portugal, “Belle Toujours,” Manoel de Oliveira, director;

Love Sickness by Carlitos Ruiz, Mariem Perez
Puerto Rico, “Love Sickness,” Carlitos Ruiz, Mariem Perez, directors;

4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days by Cristian Mungiu
Romania, “4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days,” Cristian Mungiu, director;

12 by Nikita Mikhalkov
Russia, “12,” Nikita Mikhalkov, director;

The Trap by Srdan Golubovic
Serbia, “The Trap,” Srdan Golubovic, director;

881 by Royston Tan
Singapore, “881,” Royston Tan, director;

Return of the Storks by Martin Repka
Slovakia, “Return of the Storks,” Martin Repka, director;

Short Circuits by Janez Lapajne
Slovenia, “Short Circuits,” Janez Lapajne, director;

The Orphanage by J.A. Bayona
Spain, “The Orphanage,” J.A. Bayona, director;

You, the Living by Roy Andersson
Sweden, “You, the Living,” Roy Andersson, director;

Stephanie Glaser in Late Bloomers by Bettina Oberli
Switzerland, “Late Bloomers,” Bettina Oberli, director;

Island Etude by Chen Huai-En
Taiwan, “Island Etude,” Chen Huai-En, director;

King of Fire by Chatrichalerm Yukol
Thailand, “King of Fire,” Chatrichalerm Yukol, director;

A Man's Fear of God by Ozer Kiziltan
Turkey, “A Man's Fear of God,” Ozer Kiziltan, director;

The Pope's Toilet by Enrique Fernandez, Cesar Charlone
Uruguay, “The Pope's Toilet,” Enrique Fernandez, Cesar Charlone, directors;

Postcards from Leningrad by Mariana Rondon
Venezuela, “Postcards from Leningrad,” Mariana Rondon, director;

The White Silk Dress by Luu Huynh
Vietnam, “The White Silk Dress,” Luu Huynh, director.


Nominations for the 80th Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, January 22, 2008, at 5:30 a.m. PT in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater.

Academy Awards for outstanding film achievements of 2007 will be presented on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and televised live by the ABC Television Network.

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  1. Zeeshan Sarwar

    I hope the film Mongol wins, the world should see an alternative view

  2. paul

    kindly check the full trailer of the movie from the Philippines

  3. B Marquart

    Andrew Wajda's film Katyn should be seen by all to show the horrible murders that the Russians committed in th 40's.
    Excellent film and work.