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GILDA, PULP FICTION: National Film Registry Movies

Gilda Rita Hayworth National Film Registry'Gilda,' 'Pulp Fiction': 2013 National Film Registry movies (image: Rita Hayworth in 'Gilda')

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  • Billy Woodberry's UCLA thesis film Bless Their Little Hearts (1984).
  • Stanton Kaye's Brandy in the Wilderness (1969).
  • The Film Group's Cicero March (1966), about a Civil Rights march in an all-white Chicago suburb.
  • Norbert A. Myle's Daughter of Dawn (1920), with Hunting Horse, Oscar Yellow Wolf, Esther LaBarre.
  • Bill Morrison's Decasia (2002), featuring decomposing archival footage.
  • Alfred E. Green's Ella Cinders (1926), with Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes, Vera Lewis.
  • Fred M. Wilcox's Forbidden Planet (1956), with Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly, Robby the Robot.
  • Charles Vidor's Gilda (1946), with Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready.
  • John and Faith Hubley's Oscar-winning animated short The Hole (1962).
  • Stanley Kramer's Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), with Best Actor Oscar winner Maximilian Schell, Spencer Tracy, Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, William Shatner, Werner Klemperer. Written by Oscar winner Abby Mann.
  • John Murray Anderson's King of Jazz (1930), an early musical filmed in two-color Technicolor, and featuring Paul Whiteman, John Boles, Laura La Plante, Jeanette Loff, Glenn Tryon, William Kent, Bing Crosby, Carla Laemmle (who turned 104 last October 20).
  • Adam Davidson's Student Academy Award-winning short The Lunch Date (1989).
  • John Sturges' The Magnificent Seven (1960), a remake of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, starring Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, Horst Buchholz, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, James Coburn.
  • Martha Graham early dance films (1931-1944)
  • Robert Stevenson's Mary Poppins (1964), with Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Matthew Garber, Karen Dotrice, Glynis Johns, David Tomlinson, Ed Wynn, Elsa Lanchester, Hermione Baddeley, Jane Darwell.
  • Sheldon and Lee Dick's documentary Men and Dust (1940), about the respiratory problems experienced by miners in the American Midwest. Will Geer provided some of the 18 minute-film's narration.
  • Mitchell Leisen's screwball comedy Midnight (1939), with Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore, Mary Astor, Francis Lederer, Elaine Barrie. Screenplay by Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett.
  • Frank Stauffacher's 23 minute-short Notes on the Port of St. Francis (1951), narrated by Vincent Price, from a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994), with John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Eric Stoltz, Rosanna Arquette, Maria de Medeiros.
  • John Ford's Best Director Oscar-winning ode to Ireland, The Quiet Man (1952), with John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Victor McLaglen, Barry Fitzgerald, Mildred Natwick, Ward Bond.
  • Philip Kaufman's The Right Stuff (1983), with Sam Shepard, Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Barbara Hershey, Pamela Reed, Kim Stanley, Veronica Cartwright, Fred Ward, Scott Paulin, Kathy Baker, Mary Jo Deschanel.
  • Michael Moore's Roger & Me (1989), which chronicles Moore's attempts to interview General Motor's top dog Roger Smith.
  • David Kirkland's A Virtuous Vamp (1919), with Constance Talmadge and Conway Tearle. Screenplay by John Emerson and Anita Loos.
  • Mike Nichols' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966), with Best Actress Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, and Best Supporting Actress Oscar Sandy Dennis. Adapted by Ernest Lehman from Edward Albee's play.
  • William A. Wellman's Depression era Wild Boys of the Road (1933), with Frankie Darro, Edwin Phillips, Rochelle Hudson, Dorothy Coonan, Sterling Holloway.

Rita Hayworth Gilda photo: Columbia Pictures.

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