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Golden Horse Awards Winners: 'Kekexili'

Director Lu Chuan's second feature film, Kekexili: Mountain Patrol, won the Best Picture Golden Horse Award. The Golden Horses are bestowed on films produced in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.

Hong Kong's Andy Lau took the best actor award for his role in the cop drama Infernal Affairs III, while veteran Taiwanese actress Yang Kuei-Mei won for her role as a divorcee in the melancholy drama The Moon Also Rises.

Hong Kong's Johnnie To won as best director for his Breaking News. Bai Ling was chosen best supporting actress for her work in Three…Extremes: Dumplings, and Daniel Wu took home the best supporting actor award for his role in Hong Kong's New Police Story.

2004 Golden Horse Award winners: Dec. 4, 2004

Best Feature Film
* Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol
Breaking News
The Moon Also Rises
One Nite in Mongkok

Best Documentary
Stone Dream, Hu Tai-Li
* Chronicle of Sea Nan-Fan Ao, Hsiang-Hsiu Lee
Shihkang Story, Ku Hsiu-Fei

Best Animation
* Mcdull, Prince De La Bun
The Butterfly Lover

Best Director
* Johnnie To, Breaking News
Fruit Chan, Dumplings
Derek Yee, One Nite in Mongkok
Lu Chuan, Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol

Best Leading Actor
* Andy Lau, Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan / Infernal Affairs III
Jacky Cheung, Golden Chicken 2
Tony Leung Chiu-wai, 2046
Duobuji, Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol

Best Leading Actress
* Yang Kuei Mei, The Moon Also Rises
Zhang Ziyi, 2046
Sylvia Chang, Rice Rhapsody
Chuan Wang, Autumn of Blue

Best Supporting Actor
* Daniel Wu, New Police Story
Eric Kot, A-1 Headline
Tony Leung Kar-fai, A-1 Headline
Cheung Siu Fai, Throw Down

Best Supporting Actress
* Bai Ling, Dumplings
Kate Yeung, 20 30 40
Lee Sinje, 20 30 40
Eugenia Yuan, The Eye 2

Best New Performer (tie)
* Tony Yang Yu-Nin, Formula 17
* Hong Hao-Xuan, Bear Hug
Tian Yuan, Butterfly
James Chen, Splendid Float

Best Original Screenplay
Cheng Wen-tang, Cheng Jing-fen, The Passage
Lu Chuan, Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol
* Yau Nai Hoi, Yip Tin Shing, Au Kin Yee, Throw Down
Huang Liming, Wang Shaudi, Bear Hug

Best Screenplay Adaptation
Lee Chi Ngai, Magic Kitchen
* Lin Cheng Sheng, The Moon Also Rises
Yan Yan Mak, Butterfly

Best Cinematography
Christopher Doyle, Lai Yiu-Fai, Kwan Pun-Leung, 2046
* Cao Yu, Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol
Yang Wae Hang, Shong Woon Chong, The Moon Also Rises
Keung Kwok Man, One Nite in Mongkok

Best Film Editing
* David Richardson, Breaking News
Yau Chi Wai, New Police Story
Tin Sam-Fat, Chan Ki-Hop, Dumplings
Chen Bo-Wen, Liu Chun-hsiu, Stone Dream

Best Original Film Score
* Shigeru Umebayashi, Peer Raben, 2046
George Chen, Jeng-Yu Chang, Yu-Wei Chang, Splendid Float
Kawasaki Masahiro, Rice Rhapsody
Lim Giong, The World

Best Original Film Song
* "Floating Water Splendor" (Splendid Float)
"Out of Body Love" (Running on Karma)
"Moon Maiden Floating Light" (The Moon Also Rises)
"Flush Flush Flush" (The Best Bet)

Best Art Direction
Wong Ching Ching, Choo Sung Pong, Oliver Wong, New Police Story
Dong-Lu Huong, Chuong-Ren Huong, Splendid Float
Lin Cheng Sheng, Hushouh Chen, The Moon Also Rises
* William Chang, Yau Wai Ming, 2046

Best Make up & Costume Design
William Chang, Yau Wai Ming, 2046
Stephanie Wong, Running on Karma
* Jean Chen, Wei-Joung Lai, Splendid Float
Yee Chung-Man, Pater Wong, Dumplings

Best Visual Effects
Stephen Ma, Running on Karma
* Victor Wong, Brian Ho, New Police Story
Stephen Ma, Breaking News
Shiao Li-shiou, Lamb

Best Action Choreography
Yuen Bun, Running on Karma
Yuen Bun, Breaking News
* Lee Chung Chi, Jo Stunt Team, New Police Story
Chin Ka Lok, One Nite in Mongkok

Best Sound Effects
Kinson Tsang, New Police Story
Tu Du-Chih, 2046
* Cao Yuan-Fong, The Passage
Tu Du-Chih, Sacrificial Victims

Best Short Film
* The Magical Washmachine, Lee Yun Chan
Lamb, Studio Apeman
Stars by the Window, Chiu Li-Wei

Lifetime Achievement Award: A-Pi Po

Audience Choice Award: New Police Story

Best Taiwanese Film of the Year: Splendid Float

Best Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Chen Bo-Wen (Stone Dream)


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